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Tedros Adhonom With Vaccines, There is Now 'Real Hope' to End COVID-19 Pandemic

Since some nations Health officials began dispensing doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, first vaccinating health care workers and residents over the age of 80. World is dreaming about END of pandemic. Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine has proved to be nearly 95% effective in clinical trials.


2020 December 11 +Read more
Moderna Covid Vaccine Moderna Covid Vaccine is nearly 95 percent protective

On Monday, the Massachusetts-based company Moderna reported promising preliminary results from its coronavirus vaccine trial. Coming just a week after similar news from Pfizer and BionTech.  It offered more hope that there’s going to be a way out of the pandemic.

2020 November 17 +Read more
Pfizer and BioNtech’s vaccine spread hope all over the world of health tourism Pfizer and BioNtech’s vaccine spread hope all over the world of health tourism

Latest updates about Pfizer and BioNtech’s vaccine come with hopes that COVID-19 vaccine is within reach. The analysis news has shown that this new vaccine is 90% effective to prevent coronavirus infection. This update is much better than most scientists had hoped for.

2020 November 10 +Read more
Organ Transplantation during COVID-19 In Iran Organ Transplantation during COVID-19 In Iran

The COVID-19 has impacted transplantation worldwide, too. Donors, recipients, and the health care resource had been experiencing issues due the pandemic situation. 

2020 November 7 +Read more
COVID-19 updates: Fastest vaccine development ever COVID-19 updates: Fastest vaccine development ever

WHO scientists are hoping coronavirus vaccine could become available in December 2020.

2020 October 27 +Read more
Older people may not feel as thirsty as younger adults Older people need to drink fluids even when they are not thirsty

According to new findings efficiency of dehydration perception declines with age. Scientists suggest that the ability of detecting and responding to the level of salt in blood, decreases as we age.

2020 October 13 +Read more
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD): Regular walking can save a life

Vascular aging, is one of the most important risk factors for Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD). In women at their menopausal transition, vascular aging will be accelerated. 

2020 October 5 +Read more
Will there be a COVID-19 vaccine any time soon Will there be a COVID-19 vaccine any time soon

It has been almost 5 months since the first case of coronavirus infection was detected. But, how much longer is it going to be with us? 

2020 May 10 +Read more
Coronavirus misbeliefs: Who should we trust Coronavirus misbeliefs: Who should we trust

During the lockdown, people are prone to make the wrong decisions based on wrong information. These days social media are full of stories about COVID-19 patients and instructions to fight the virus. However, when government officials are the source of wrong information, it is different.


2020 April 29 +Read more
Medical tourism in Iran What is the future of medical tourism after coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the tourism industry. But the main question is that what is expected after coronavirus?


2020 April 20 +Read more
Global pandemic New hope for Europe : Decrease in COVID-19 death rate

European countries reconsidering Quarantine restrictions after the continued decrease in death rates in Spain, Italy, and France

2020 April 13 +Read more
One world together at home “One world: together at home” concert for raising money to fight COVID-19

In a partnership between global citizen foundation, World health organization and united nations and under the leadership of Lady Gaga, a virtual event will be broadcasted all over the world on April 18th after fundraising for fighting coronavirus.

2020 April 8 +Read more
CORONAVIRUS Iran' official challenging china's statistics on coronavirus

A comparison of confirmed COVID-19 patients, number of deaths, and recovery from disease shows that China has a significantly lower mortality rate than any other country in the world. This matter has raised some questions about the accuracy of these statistics. 

2020 April 6 +Read more
coronavirus Third generation COVID-19 diagnostic kits in Iran

All the forces of Iran's army are in action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from the first day and their efforts continue to help people. Now, Defense Ministry experts have built a complete set of equipment to deal with corona including third generation COVID-19 diagnostic kits.

2020 April 5 +Read more
Rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 in Iran Rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 in Iran

Researchers at a knowledge enterprise, located in Iran, were able to mass-produce COVID-19 diagnostic kits with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education's General Office of Medical Equipment, which they said would be able to diagnose the disease within 2 hours.


2020 March 25 +Read more
Corona virus test Coronavirus update: How is the situation

Coronavirus is spreading throughout South-East Asia and WHO has called for immediate aggressive actions to prevent community transmission.  

2020 March 18 +Read more
Coronavirus statistics in the world Coronavirus statistics in the world

Latest news of coronavirus victims based on the accredited data of WHO and CDC

2020 March 9 +Read more
Iran's response to coronavirus outbreak Iran's response to Coronavirus outbreak

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID -19) in Iran, has created the need to release information and awareness to people all around the world.

2020 March 1 +Read more
Novel coronavirus All you may need to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19 )

Novel coronavirus is a virus that affects the respiratory system and is transmitted from human to human. 

2020 February 26 +Read more
New diagnostic method for eyelid surgery by Iranian ophthalmologists New diagnostic method for eyelid surgery by Iranian ophthalmologists

A new approach to diagnose lacrimal gland failure by ophthalmologists of Iran university of medical sciences for eyelid surgery.

2020 February 17 +Read more