About us

Exon Health Tourism Paradise (affiliated with the Exon Health Paradise Co.), founded in 2017, is a specialized health promoted organization located in the heart of Tehran / Iran.
In relation to work experience of similar international companies and in order to provide health services to clients from all over the world, we have adopted an integrated system based on successful health studies and projects. We also focused on our motivated and experienced executives and reliable competencies of our qualified experts in health tourism. 
Trusting to our executives in the field, we signed contract with high rank and well-known health providers including board certified physicians, hospitals and clinics, wellness and nature therapy centers in order to keep the clients’ rights in safe care.
Since your trust is highly appreciated and your health concerns is so important for us, we gathered a team of various board-certified specialists, health professionals and tour experts to present you affordable, reliable and high-quality treatment in addition to safe and enjoyable travel to Iran. 
Our key assets are Honesty, knowledge, expertise and high management capabilities. Modern technologies may shorten distances but are not able to build trust and close relations!
So, let's hold hands together to experience pleasant memories…
EXON VISION:                                                   
Become one of the top-level groups in the field of health tourism until 2025 in Asia
Provide a positive and pleasant experience for customers using the services of the group
Creative and intelligent development of health tourism services in Iran and the world
Helping to promote health tourism standards
Honesty and Trust    
Patient Safety 
Client orientation and customer focus
Fair & Ethical Service 
Commitment to follow up services
Quality Assurance 
Respect for stakeholder rights
Creates value 
 Iran Novin Kish (Kanoon Iran Novin) full service advertising Agency
 Eama Medical Development Company
 Novin Travel Company (Tourism Agency)


We respect and appreciate your trust.

We pave the way for your health, enabling you to live in peace of mind
and reach the highest levels of health.

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