Novin travel agency will help you plan the best vacation destinations anywhere you desire. What is the difference between going with Jo and other travel services? PERSONAL ATTENTION! We make it our responsibility to make sure every aspect of your vacation is covered. From departure, to arrival and back home, Novin travel consultants will plan and organize what you need to help you to have a perfect vacation.
Our customers choose us because we always shop for the best, most qualified agencies to work with. When planning a vacation or tour, we always search for the best quality and best deal. Then we give you choices! We gather what we feel are the best vacation packages and offer you several to choose from.


Tour Packages

Novin Travel has organized international and European vacation packages for all types of individuals and groups! We can help you with:
  • Group Tours
  • Group Cruises
  • Individual Cruises
  • Individual Tours/Vacations
  • Family Events
  • Family Reunions
  • Wedding Destinations…and More!