All about Iran Visa

All about Iran Visa

Countries needing to get Iran Visa Through Iran Consulate

List of countries that should get their visa through Iran consulate before coming to Iran:

   Afghanistan               Bangladesh                  Canada               Colombia

   India                           Iraq                                Jordan                 Pakistan

   Somalia                     Sri Lanka                      U.K.                     U.S

List of countries that the travel agencies cannot ask for Iran authorization code. They should refer directly to the Iran Consulates for the application.

   Afghanistan               Bangladesh

Iran Visa for American/British/Canadian

American, British and Canadian people can apply for Iran Visa before coming to Iran and visit Iran only within Iranian guided tours. They should find an Iranian travel agency and ask it to help them get their Iran visa code. They should send the necessary requirements i.e. their passport image and a personal photo as well as the Iran visa application form which is filled out by them. The Iran travel agency apply for their visa by Iranian MFA. After some days, the Iran visa authorization number will be sent to them by the agency. They can choose Washington as place of visa issue or any city in any country that has Iranian embassy. They can also get it on arrival.

All about Iran Visa

The process of getting Iran Visa is one of the simplest parts of traveling to Iran, land of wonder, adventure and beauty. Iran Visa can be issued for those who like to travel to Iran, individually or in group. For more information on getting Iran Visa review the following topics.

Different kinds of Iran Visa

There are different Kinds of Iran Visa:

Iran Airport Transit Visa: for those transits through Iran (for less than 48 h);

Iran Airport Entry Visa: for businessmen (only valid for 72 h);

Iran Entry Visa: for those wanting to attend cultural, political, scientific conventions (Up to 30 days);

Iran Entry and Transit Visa: for drivers carrying cargo through Iran;

Iran Pilgrimage Visa: for foreign Muslims visiting pilgrimage sites;

Iran Press Visa: for journalists and media representative;

Iran Student Visa: for those like to study in Iran;

Iran Transit Visa: for those transits through Iran by land (usually valid for 7 days; however, it is sometimes available for up to 15 days);

Iran Visa for Entry to Free Trade & Industrial Areas: for those traveling to Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar Port;

Iran Work Permit Visa: for those wanting to work in Iran.


Iran without Visa

Some countries can visit Iran without visa.

List of countries which can visit Iran without visa:





15 days


30 days


20 days


45 days


15 days


90 days


90 days