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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Health Tourism and what to expect during your journey.


Exon Health Tourism Paradise has strong relationships and communication with the doctors, hospitals and other Healthcare centers in its network and, most importantly, know who to contact to get the timely information and pricing that you want, or have it already.

Here are some common FAQs of our customers. If you could not find an answer you were looking for or in case of doubts in our procedures and policies, Feel free to send us your question at the end of this page!

How will I book my air tickets? What about domestic traveling? Tell me about your traveling packages?

Exon is associated with travel service providers. We will help you in all your ticket booking and travel requirements, ensuring your hassle-free traveling. Contact us through this page or visit our facilities section for more details.

We can offer you customized packages according to your requirements and budget. Package will include pick up from the airport, accommodation at a 4 or 5 star hotels or hotels of your choice, local transportation to and from health specialist's appointment and healthcare center, health procedure, post procedure rest and recovery stay, travel reservations, trip itinerary and much more.

Can you arrange for my vacation at tourist destination?

Yes, we can arrange your vacation for popular tourist destinations in Iran. Your treating health specialist will advise you when it is appropriate to take vacation or recuperate at tourist destinations.

Your companions may also select a joint tour with you or separately on their own.

Will it be safe to travel after my operation?

Your travel plan will be customized depending on the health procedure you select. Your specialist will inform you about the recovery time before any activity, including traveling.

What if my visa expires and treatment is yet pending?

In case your visa is about to expire, you can contact us through this page and we will give you the procedure and help with extending your visa on Health Grounds.

What happens in case of flight cancellation?

Since you have booked the treatment, no external factors will affect the schedule. If a flight cancels or any other external factor occurs, your treatment will be postponed to the immediate following date subject to Minor rescheduling charges. But your accommodation cost will go up because of your postponement in Treatment dates.

What are the risks?

There is an inherent risk in every Health procedure. Our focus is to minimize the risks involved by working only with accredited healthcare centers, and certified Health professionals who deliver high quality of care.


I don’t know anything about my destination country. Will I be safe? How will I get around?

You will not be left alone without help anywhere you decide to go, unless you choose to. Before your trip, you will be briefed on what to expect.

Can I design my desirable package of Nature therapy?

Because of specialized aspects that should be considered in designing packages of nature therapy, there is less possibility to change the structure of these packages. However, you can share with us your suggestions about those health promotion packages which are aimed to benefit from natural gifts for maintaining and promoting wellbeing levels. Hence, we will design your trip itinerary based on the knowledge and experiences of our experts as well as your suggestions.

Can nature therapy packages be performed individually and privately?

As you can see in the Arnic's Nature therapy Packages, private packages are also available. These packages are designed for those who tend to be privately present in Arnic's Nature therapy tours individually or with their family or friends.

How many people are in a group package?

Arnic Group's Nature Therapy or Health Promotion Packages are organized in small groups so that the travelers have their own privacy while taking advantage of group travel, and reduced costs. The number of fellow travelers in such group packages is up to 10 people.

When will performing a group nature therapy package be finalized?

Usually, nature therapy packages are finalized and announced some 45 days before their implementation. 

Are Nature Therapy Packages implemented every day?

Private packages can be implementable 45 days after the time of your request and registration. Obviously, your opinion is decisive for the definitive date of the package implementation.

How much is the amount of physical activity in the Nature Therapy Packages?

Under the title of "difficulty level" on the page of each package, you can be aware of the duration of hiking or mountain climbing and the difficulty level of the travel conditions. 

What foods are available in the Eco-tours?

Based on the capabilities and facilities of each area considering, we attempt to provide the healthiest and the most quality meals that are under the commitment of Arnic to our tourists. These meals can be served at restaurants, local houses or in nature. If you have a "special diet" or "food allergy", please inform us so that we provide for you, if possible, your desired meal.

How about snacks in Nature Therapy packages?

It depends on travel conditions, season, location, etc. Your respective tour leader may consider sweets, local meals, soups, fruits, juices, ice cream, snacks, and so on.

What are the necessary items for Eco-tour and nature therapy?

The related important equipment to each package is specified in its respective description.

What specifications should the clothes have for Eco-tours?

Suitable clothes for eco-tours are the clothes that:

A) Do not disturb hiking and mountain climbing

B) The eco-tourists are comfortable with

C) Have good resistance to water, wind, soil and erosion

D) Have colors that fit the nature we are in

Can therapeutic and health promotion packages be beneficial for children and old ages?

Arnic is proudly committed to providing the highest quality services to all age groups as well as all members of the world community and desires that its clients have the maximum comfort and safety. However, it is recommended that read the "The difficulty level" of any package on its respective page and then select the most appropriate package that is compatible with the capabilities of yours or your fellow travelers.

Is it possible to bring along home pets on the tour?

No. Due to the rules and conventions of the community, it is   forbidden to bring along home pets on all trips. In private tours, it may be possible depending on the rules and your selected "location of residence" and "vehicle".

Why should I use wellness services?

Wellness services help you stay healthy and fight off disease and prevent disease recurrence. Moreover, wellness services help you maintain your utmost body harmony and restore your beauty.

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