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Questions about Health Tourism and what to expect during your journey.


Exon Health Tourism Paradise has strong relationships and communication with the doctors, hospitals and other Healthcare centers in its network and, most importantly, know who to contact to get the timely information and pricing that you want, or have it already.

Here are some common FAQs of our customers. If you could not find an answer you were looking for or in case of doubts in our procedures and policies, Feel free to send us your question at the end of this page!

How long do the effects of wellness Services remain?

Wellness is a continuous and a non-stop procedure. We help you attain health through changing your lifestyle, and as long as you stay on this pathway, the benefits of the wellness services will last forever.

Is it possible to select an individual service from the wellness packages?

The number and type of services in a wellness package are based on the research and viewpoints of various specialists. These packages are designed in order to achieve a purpose. So, our recommendation is using the services in the form of package.

Is it possible to use wellness and nature therapy packages simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible. Our specialists assess your request, when your plan is confirmed by our medical specialists, the services will be offered simultaneously or in order.

How do I transfer during staying in Iran?

Exon attempts to use the best and most up-to-date vehicles. Obviously, the type of vehicle depends on the selected level of your package (Platinum, Gold, Silver ,...).

When will be the closest time that I can use wellness services?

Your desired wellness package is available 14 days after your registration. You can finalize the accurate date of your package implementation in the booking process.

Should I declare if I have a medical condition or disease?

Yes, if you have a medical condition it is better for you to inform us, since some of our services may not be suitable for you. Consult with us for more information.

Are children allowed to be present?

We are pleased to host all members of your family. Some nursery and care centers are ready for your children during your wellness therapy. We appreciate if you could inform us of your accompanied children during booking process.

Will I be accompanied by an interpreter during my stay in Iran?

From the moment of your presence in Iran, you will be accompanied by an interpreter who is fluent in your language. Your interpreter will accompany you from full time to some hours according to your package level.

Will I have a recreation program during my stay in Iran?

Yes, Exon will offer a Tehran day tour as a free charge gift in Platinum and Gold wellness pakage levels to make your moments of presence in Iran full of joy and pleasure.

How is a Tehran day tour?

Tehran Tour is a daily tour more focused on visiting historical, cultural, recreational and pilgrimage attractions of Tehran. It is considered as a free charge gift in Platinum and Gold wellness package levels. You can see our Tehran tour page or choose your desired site to visit after your arriving in Iran. We are pleased to facilitate you visiting Tehran touristic sites and attractions.

What is the suitable age range of the applicants of the Exon's nature therapy and health promotion tours?

The age range of applicants of Exon's packages is very wide. Given the goals of the nature therapy packages, different age categories demand to apply for them.

Does Exon provide the essential personal items of nature therapy trips? If not, how these items can be provided?

Exon is fully responsible for providing general items that our clients need, but for things like sleeping bags which are completely personal, it is better if everybody takes his/hers. However, if you wish, you can order your desired items by applying through Exon.

How are transportation and transfers in Exon Nature Therapy trips?

Exon attempts to use the best and most up-to-date vehicles. Meanwhile it is obvious that the type of vehicle is directly related to the type of trip (private or group), the type of route (asphalt, earth road, mountainous, etc.) and the season. Detailed information on vehicle conditions and accommodation in each package is clearly described.

Is it possible to use nature therapy and medical packages simultaneously?

Since Nature therapy is accomplished in the area out of urban spaces this is not possible to combine or mix these packages with other packages either medical or wellness. However you can benefit from medical or wellness packages before or after nature therapy process.

Under what conditions a group nature therapy package may be canceled by Exon? And in that case, what will happen to my advance payment?

Under the conditions such as inappropriate weather conditions, failure to reach the 6-person limit for group packages, and such other conditions, the program may be canceled or transferred to another time in coordination with you. If the package is not implementable at all due to any reason, your whole advance payment will be refunded to you.

Does Exon gives healthcare advice?

Yes. You can send your questions and inquiries to our "contact us" and our team of specialists at Exon will be in touch with you within two business days. While we work on our website's counseling section, please submit your inquiries via the "contact us" feature or the FAQ page and your Q&A will be published in the website after the admin approval. Also, feel free to join our live chat and share your issues!

How did Exon choose its partner/associate healthcare centers?

Exon selects the partner/associate healthcare centers through a long and careful process. We look for the highest standard facilities that are able to provide excellent service to our customers. No payments are taken from our partners/associates; hence it is safe to say that they are not chosen for commercial reasons. The healthcare centers are selected according to the specialists’ expertise, available procedures, equipment used, former patients’ experience, customer service, location and accessibility.

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