Iran and Health Tourism


Each year, more tourists travel to other countries to receive both high quality and more affordable healthcare and medical treatments rather than the same quality services while much more expensive in their own country. These types of trips, which nowadays known as “health tourism (medical tourism)”, have grown significantly in recent years. 
Whenever there is the talk of health care on any level, USA, UK, Europe is the first in your mind. People spend millions of dollars on health-related issues in these countries, but there is an alternative choice.


Top ranking in treatment

Specialized hospitals and equipment have made Iran’s health status to be distinct from the other neighboring countries. Iranian health team has a strong academic background and is well-known in the worldwide.
For example, Iranian ophthalmologists are known not only in Iran, but also in the world in the field of ophthalmology and eye-care. Every year, International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) test is held among the young graduates of this field in the world, and Iranian physicians hold top-levels and are recognized as the best in the world. Also, Iran ranked 4th in the world in rhinoplasty and ranked 10th in cosmetic surgeries in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.
Iranian neurologists have the 27th rank among 200 countries around the world, which is very acceptable position. Using laboratory and Para clinical equipment for the diagnosis of neurological diseases is very important, and we utilize this equipment very well in Iran.
Iran also allocated the world 4th rank in infertility and gynecology treatments.


300 Mineral springs with therapeutic properties

Mineral springs have therapeutic and healing properties amongst other natural phenomena, in addition to the aesthetic aspects that create eye-catching landscapes in mountainous environments. Iran has more than 300 mineral springs with therapeutic properties.  In Iran, the use and utilization of the therapeutic aspects of mineral springs have traditionally been considered. Therefore, based on scientific evidences about the therapeutic applications of such springs, the above-mentioned hundreds of mineral water springs that are widespread in all over Iran, benefiting from Health-resort applications of mineral springs will be a logical reason to travel to Iran. The provinces of Ardebil, Khorasan, East Azarbaijan, Kurdistan, Gilan, Mazandaran and Tehran are considered to be the most important centers of Iranian mineral springs in the Alborz and Zagros mountains.

Rich curative tourism (Natural Therapy)

The Iranian medicine supplies comprehensive services for medical and health tourism due to Iran’s geographical richness. Iran can become a hub of medical tourism in the region in future.
A kind of tourism is Curative Tourism which is also called therapeutic tourism.  This type of tourism is often used to treat diseases such as skin diseases or recreation in natural therapeutic sources.  In this type of tourism, natural resources (spa and   mineral   waters, salt   lakes & halo therapy, sludge treatment, mud therapy, sand dunes, radioactive sand, herbal baths, and thalassotherapy) are used. Iran is a country which has a great diversity of climate   and   natural   resources.
In the water treatment field, as one of the attractions and privileges of Iran for health tourism, more than 1000 mineral springs have been identified so far. According to reports, about 20,000 tourists from the Persian Gulf the countries and Iraq travel to various Iranian cities for treatment.


Reasonable cost - High quality services

Private healthcare cost in Iran is reasonable in comparison to other countries in the region.
In Iran you can receive healthcare services at a reduced cost and fee. There are world-class physicians who can help you on any level. In addition, by modern and equipped hospitals you will be ensured that you will be satisfied by as proper as possible treatments. If you’re looking for critical and emergency medical care, or have cosmetic issues you need to sort out, or even if you need some preventative care, Iran is a wise destination for you to travel to.
Iran is a good opportunity that you can take advantage of short wait lists and sometimes you can visit the doctor even without an appointment.