Travel Service

Travel Service

Amenities of Exon Health Tourism Paradise is provided for your assurance and avoiding wasting your time. We have set our main goal at the highest level of your satisfaction!


Your travel gets easy with the support of Exon in checking your desired flights, scheduling the correct vehicles, arranging special amenities and guaranteeing a flawless arrival experience for you. Let our team take over all the stress of planning for you, so you can focus on your Health journey!

Flight Reservation

Flight Reservation

Here is a list of Airlines that have arrivals to Imam Khomeini Airport (Tehran):
Austrian Airline
Iran Air
Kish air
Mahan Airline
Oman Airline
Qatar Airways
Qeshm Air
Turkish Airlines
Feel free to contact us for Flight Reservation!


Feel at home!
Call, send SMS and emails, share your trip with Friends, look for addresses, and search in Internet... just' like you would at home!
"Visitor SIM" Is a prepaid SIM card mode for you who h-travel to Iran. You don’t need to have an international SIM card when travelling to Iran, our Visitor SIM card enables you to make Domestic and International calls, send SMS and enjoy the fastest 4G internet in Iran.
With 4G SIM cards you can enjoy:
Pocket Friendly prices
High speed Internet
Wide network coverage
24/7 support
Car rent

Car rent

All of our vehicles have the most complete and highest level of CDW insurance coverage 
All of our vehicles have no limitation on mileage
Deposit will be returned to the customer at drop-off time
All vehicles are produced on 2017-2018 and have the highest technical quality level.
All fixing and maintenance expenses is supplied by our company
All vehicles are produced newly and if any technical problem happens, we will provide customer service less than 45 minutes anywhere. In Additional, if the problem is not fixable, we will change the car less than 24 hours.
Customer can pick up or drop off at these stops: Tehran central office/ hotels in Tehran/ Tehran Airport (IKA) / Shiraz Airport/ Isfahan Airport/ Shiraz international airport / Bandar Abbas Airport
Our Drivers are at service 24/7.
You can reserve any car, any time and no need for advance payment
You can reserve at any time without having to pay for any 
- Free fully Insured (CWD) 
- Free Unlimited mileage
- New and Clean Vehicles
- Best Price Guarantee and No Credit Card Fees
- Immediate Deposit Return
- Emergency Roadside Assistance anywhere
Full coverage and travel insurance are included in the price
All vehicles are fully equipped with Wi-Fi system and baby seat. You can inform us before your trip if needed.
Chauffeur-driven Ceremonial vehicles have the highest technical quality and complete trip insurance.
Drivers are able to speak English, French and Turkish.
In case of need in long time trips you can use tour leader and translator system.
English-speaking Chauffeur 
Full coverage and unlimited mileage 
Wireless Internet Modem 
Complimentary beverage and Snack 
Fuel and Road toll included 
Driver's food and accommodation included


At Exon we present you:
Professional multilingual translations
Natural Language Programming 
Interpreting and other linguistic services
Friendly and professional client service
Assurance of professional quality
Business-class reliability
Translators who are native-speakers of Persian
We deliver quality by employing top language professionals. We check their qualifications and constantly monitor their work.
Tour (Tourist) Guide

Tour (Tourist) Guide

Exon works in collaboration with professional tour guides of various areas of your interest. 
Our tourist guides present you any related information about your point of interest including Iran attractive nature, historical buildings, and scientific locations and even travel destinations.
Our tour guide experts possess the required qualifications. They are educated and have enough expertise in field including technical information and the core features such as leadership, self-confidence, initiative, passion and relationship skills and sense of humor.
Our tourist guides are able to manage time and organize group activities. Along with these skills, awareness of historical information, architectural, geographical, weather, anthropological, and traditions of each region are among their capabilities, besides familiarity with the first aid.
Also, they benefit from good health and energy.
You can experience memorial times with our national guides who are active in the incoming tours, from your arrival in Iran, until the departure to origin country. These guides are fluent in English, Arabic and other languages (depends on the passenger's nationality), through the common language, you can transfer comprehensive information from the history and geography of ancient Iran culture and civilization to travelers.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question!