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Specialized hospitals and equipment have made Iran's health status superior to its neighboring countries. Our Board-certified Iranian health team has strong academic backgrounds and is globally well-known. 
In the field of ophthalmology and eye-care for example, Iranian ophthalmologists are not only known in Iran but also in all over the world. Iranian ophthalmologists hold top-levels and are recognized as the best in the world every year based on the results of International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) test which is held among the graduates of this field in the world. Another example is Iran's ranking in the field of rhinoplasty, which is the 4th in the world. Iran is also ranked 10th in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.
Iranian neurologists have the 27th rank among 200 countries around the world, which is a very acceptable position. As the diagnosis of neurological diseases needs to be based on laboratory and Para-clinical equipment, Iranian neurologists emphasize on precise utilization of this equipment.
Iran is also standing in the world's 4th ranking in infertility and gynecology treatments.
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