Wellness Centers

Spa Center is a famous well-perceived name that the people from all over the world today welcome it for various purposes, such as maintaining and enhancing beauty, creating mental relaxation, promoting physical health, familiarizing with healthier lifestyles, etc. A variety of spa centers under different titles, such as day spa, destination spa, dental spa, mineral spring spa, medical spa, etc. attempt to meet different needs by providing various facilities and services for different purposes.
For wellness section, Exon Health Tourism Paradise is delivering the highest standards and best quality services by concluding contracts with day spa, health spa, and medical spa centers as well as cooperating with physicians and healers in different medical and health fields. 
The centers are selected for goals such as cosmetic treatments, rejuvenation, facial services, menopausal health promotion, weight loss and fitness, detoxification, stress management, sleep improvement, and healthy lifestyle education, and are always under medical and specialized supervision. These centers are selected according to global standards for spas. The delivered services to our clients are continuously supervised by Exon.
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