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LOCATION (City/Country): Tehran / Iran

ESTABLISHED (Year): 2011


Located within the heart of the most dynamic business district of Tehran, the “Zendegi Health and Spa Complex”, boasts a luxury and an unmatched environment where you will experience an extraordinary feeling of pleasure and well-being.
You can explore wide range of precious sources in order to rejuvenate both body and soul by applying natural approaches. You will have the benefit of a personalized attention from our knowledgeable health experts and caring staff members who help you expand your boundaries, revive your spirit and find greater balance in life.


Health Monitoring 
Medical Assessments
Health Consultant
Nutrition Consultant
Spinal Alignment
Fitness Classes 
Personal Training
Aquatic Services and facilities 
Complementary Services 
Locker room
Hair dressing
Food and Beverage
Valet Parking 


Health Monitoring Program

Medical Assessments
 Our health-monitoring program includes:
Body Composition Analysis (measuring and analyzing of different body elements such as fat, muscles, EDEMA, biological age, etc.)
Body Posture Analysis (analyzing the spinal column shape)
12-lead Electro-Cardio Graph test (determining the heart healthiness)
Spiro-meter Test (lung volumes and capacities measurement)
Sport Medicine Consultant and calculate the individual fitness level at each training by accurate analysis of more than 100 essential body parameters and indexes to prepare an individual fitness and hydrotherapy program for each club member
Huber (Human Body Equalizer) is designed to improve our quality of life. It can improve healthy body or retrain an injured one. By its unique design it can tailor the exercises for each individual who uses it.
Nutrition Consultant
Our dietitian provides private nutritional counseling for members seeking to change their eating habits in order to improve their health, prevent or manage disease, lose or gain weight, boost energy, or achieve their optimal athletic performance. Her focus is on holistic wellness achieved through nutrition, lifestyle and overall health modifications. 

Fitness & group training

The benefits to group exercise are endless; motivational instructors, training with like-minded people, a pre-planned structured workout, which is why we include a variety to help you find one to suit your needs.
Group training
“Zendegi Health & Spa Complex” offers numerous group fitness-training options for every age and ability, from the high impact of Bodycombat and BodyPump to the self-discipline of martial arts and the lower impact of Yoga and Pilates -- our gym has it all.
So why not come along for a structured exercise routine that guarantees a great work out! In the below, you can find out what we present to you in our beautiful, well-air conditioned studios.
• Body Combat
• CxWorX
• Yoga
• Pilates 
• Tai Chi

Personal Training

Personal Training
Just imagine…having your own Personal Trainer to inspire you, keep you motivated and high five your progress. Ours are simply brilliant at what they do. You will be amazed just how quickly you can reach your goals - and have fun while you are at it!
When you work with a Personal Trainer, they are purely focused on you and your specific goals. This makes you focus better too. Moreover, because they are up to speed on the latest scientific fitness research, they can incorporate it into the best possible workout for you. Launch yourself into the next level with a personal training package designed to keep you on track and ensure your success!
Let us help you stay fit for life. Our team of professional personal trainers tailor each workout to focus on clients' individual needs and fitness goals:
Improve strength, balance, and cardiovascular endurance
Become efficient and effective with your time in the gym
Achieve your personal health and fitness goals
The PT program includes:
Medical and fitness tests to evaluate your progress
Medical consultations with our high qualified sport medicine doctor
Specific nutritional consultations with our qualified nutritional therapist
Individual exercise programs for each session of training (based on your needs and goals)
Personal training at least two times a week using our exclusive abbreviated training system
All the advice you need to make sure you get exactly what you want from your exercise

Aquatic Facilities

Hydrotherapy is using water to treat various types of medical conditions. This practice has been part of disease and health condition treatment for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures used hydrotherapy as standard practice.
Sauna, Snow Room, Steam and Whirlpool
The sauna, steam room, whirlpool and cascade provide you with relaxation options depending on whether you prefer wet or dry heat. Not only are they a great way to relax, but also they are ideal for slowly warming your muscles after a long workout. In Zendegi Health & Spa Complex, we provide you different facilities with positive physical and psychological effects. They are great places to relax after a stressful, tough day:
• Steam Bath
• Whirlpool
• Color-light Therapy Cascade 
• Snowroom
• Hillarium Sauna
Swimming pool
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can give yourself. With water’s natural, gentle ‘resistance’, it provides the perfect low-impact workout.  You can enjoy swimming in our stunning 22 by 12 meters pool without worrying about the side effects of chlorine or harsh chemical components, especially if you are pregnant or you have sensitive skin. After a hectic day or heavy meetings, our swimming pool is a great place to be to relax and have some leisurely strokes or get a more energetic workout. 


Spa & massage

“Zendegi Complex” is all about healthy pleasures. Our incredible massages, body treatments and facials reduce stress, relax your muscles and feel so good. Our unique spa treatments combine ancient, traditional and modern therapies to restore balance and re-energize body and mind.
 Leave the pressures of everyday life behind and step into an oasis of calm. We have created a peaceful space that promotes tranquility and well-being that attends to the needs of body, mind and spirit.
Classical Massages
• Sport Massage
• Russian Massage
• Motherhood Massage
• Hot Stone Treatment
• Candle Massage
• Hydrating Facial
• Beaute Neuve Double-Peeling
• Exclusive Lift
• Eye Logic
• Aromatic Face
Skincare Services
• Hand Care
• Full Body Scrub
• Foot Care



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