Laleh Hospital

Laleh Hospital

Laleh hospital is consisted of experienced physicians, specialists, and university professors in various disciplines.
Has large wards, operating rooms, common parts and green areas.
Has skilled and experienced administrative staff.
Is proud of the patients' high satisfaction in successive years.  


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LOCATION (City/Country): Tehran / Iran

ESTABLISHED (Year): 2005



Laleh Private Hospital consists of 240 beds extendable to 420 in 8 floors, in the area of 33000m2 and 10thousand and 25 square meter land. The hospital located in west part of Tehran. Laleh has been built based on the latest standards of Ministry of Health, Tehran municipality and other related competent organizations.  The Group also operates in 29 specialized units and 24 clinics. The group had around 250 affiliated doctors and 960 experienced medical and executive staff. Laleh is among the leading private hospital groups and one the largest medical networks in Tehran. 
Laleh Private Hospital Group is well known with first-class medical care provided by highly qualified medical specialists with years of experience. Laleh Private Hospital Group was authorized and formed in 1990-91. Since 2005 it has been inaugurated in the former president presence. 
Centers of excellence

Centers of excellence

Operating rooms: Laleh hospital has 12 operating rooms that are updated and advanced
IVF: this ward is equipped with advanced and latest facilities and consisted of proficient physicians
Radiotheraphy which includes linear accelerator device
Radiology which includes mammography, CT scan and advanced MRI
Advanced angiography
Brain peripheral angiography
Digital radiotherapy
Bone Densitometry
IPD Services

IPD Services

The Department of International Patients (IPD) of the hospital consists of experts and experienced doctors fluent in international languages providing 24-hour medical services to international patients.
An IPD expert is responsible for coordinating the way in which patients are present at the hospital. In order to shorten the route of service delivery, the presence of a welcome person in the hospital lobby has been able to create effective levers for this department.
The IPD doctor's daily visits from all international patients in the hospital and the experienced and specialized team of doctors in this area are one of the pillars of patient’s trust in Laleh Hospital.


Clinics & Paraclinics

Clinics & Paraclinics

  • Cardiology Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Urology
  • ENT
  • Diabetes  
  • Audiology 
  • Labratory 
  • General Clinic
Language Support:


  • English
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • Kurdish




Medical Imaging Center (Radiology, Sonography, CT Scan, MRI)
Physical medicine and physiotherapy
surgery room
Labor room
CCU ( Cardiac Care)
ICU-OH (open heart surgery)
Obstetrics and Gynecology 's Surgery
Surgery (ENT), Ophthalmology and Cosmetic Surgery)
Newborns and ICUs (NICUs)
Three Surgery (General Surgery)
Fourth Surgery (Orthopedic & Surgery)
ICU-G (ICU general)
EEG video unit
Post Angioplasty
Cardiac surgery
Internal one and two
ICU C (surgical ICU)
Technologies and equipment of excellence

Technologies and equipment of excellence

Radiation therapy including the Linear Accelerator
Radiology including Mammography, CT Scan and advanced MRI
Advanced Angiography
Cerebral Peripheral Angiography
Cardiac Angiography
Bone Density Measurement device
Room types & Facilities

Room types & Facilities

  • VIP Rooms
  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • General Rooms



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