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Join us to indulge yourself in dance of colors, magic of music, taste of fine aromas and touch of invigorating hands. Niloofar-e-Abi, the first Professional Spa and Massage Center in Iran with four branches in Tehran and Kish, has devoted its existence to satisfying its clients. Providing the best possible services to the clients and constantly seeking ways to improve the said services is the main policy of both managers and the staff of Niloofar-e-Abi.



Name of the company: Niloofar-e-Abi
Position: First official spa and massage centre in Iran
Duty: On the way to tranquility
Niloofar-e-Abi established It’s professional team of masseurs in 2007 after undertaking a thorough investigation into the eastern and south eastern Asian massage specialties as well as recognized massage companies. After taking the decision of establishing its spa and massage centres with having the aspect of relaxation in mind, Niloofar-e-Abi succeeded in officially registering the company with the relevant authorities.
Up until today, Niloofar-e-Abi, has had the privilege of offering its services in four different branches. Two of these branches are currently located in Kish Island (Dariush Grand Hotel and Marina Park Hotel) and the next three operate in the capital, city of Tehran (koohestan, Aria Complex and AB Complex).
Spa Services

Spa Services

The word “Spa” comes from name of a town in Belgium which gained popularity for its hot water springs used for bathing. These springs became well known worldwide due to their mineral-rich water and therapeutic properties. Today, “Spa” is referred to as a set of health and beauty treatments with variety of centres offering these services.
Some of these Spa services include:
Beauty spa, health spa, sea spa, day spa and spa therapy are some of these services offered in places such as spa villages, spa and hotel resorts and spa clubs. In these spa destinations, special attention is paid to the five human senses. Utilization of various colors together with special diet and music, all are present to bring the gift of tranquility for the clients. This centre, being the first official spa centre in Iran, proudly offers these services at the level of global standards.
Gentle Spa
Siren Spa
Body Scrub
After Sun Massage
Hand Spa
Foot Spa


One human being in all stages of life including childhood, puberty and elderliness is able to benefit from massage. Some of these benefits include increased alertness and thinking, increased self-esteem and concentration, improved blood and lymph circulation, increased flexibility of body tissues, strengthened immune and nervous systems, relief from pain and muscle cramps due to sport injuries, surgery and accidents, increased absorption of nutrients from the gut as well as improved sleep pattern.
Stress, back pain, anxiety, headache, insomnia, lack of appetite and arthritis only form a small set of ailments which can be improved or even cured using massage.  In Thai massage teachings, masseur begins his/her duty with the element of “compassion”, continues with the elements of “love and care" and finishes with the elements of “joy and balance”.
Experience the delicate art of massage here with us.
Niloofar-e-Abi is the first and only professional Thai massage and spa centre in Iran.
Harmony Massage
Traditional Thai
Royal Thai Massage
Oil Massage
Oil Massage with hot towel
Swedish massage
Hot Stone Massage
Oriental massage
Chocolate massage
Herbal Butter massage
Milk & Honey massage
Herbal Compress
Candle Massage
Performance Massage
Facial Massage
Head Massage
Hand Massage 
Foot Reflexology


Skin Care

Skin Care

Niloofar-e-Abi’s skin services include different packages which depending on needs of the skin, are effective in strengthening, rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin. These aspects become especially important during the stages of life when skin collagen production is reduced. As well as this, the service can be useful in eliminating darkness, wrinkles and fatigue associated with the skin around the eyes.

Face Spa
Face Lift
Eye Lift



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