Permanent and modern alternate for missing teeth in Iran dental clinics

Permanent and modern alternate for missing teeth in Iran dental clinics

The loss of the tooth is unpleasant and even serious for anybody. Missing teeth originates many problems in oral health including difficulty in chewing or bone loss in jaw. Moreover, it make problems in your appearance and beauty. Consequently having no teeth was among major dental problems for patients because of unpleasant appearance and many related problems. Filling the gap of losing tooth is an important step. Along with advances of science and technology, new techniques have replaced the use of dentures or “artificial teeth “as common language. Newly treatments including bridge or implant have impressive effects on one’s appearance. These techniques, in addition to preserving the beauty of the teeth, can be a good alternative to resolving dental problems. Type of implant and condition of jawbone is very important in this procedure. Due to the time needing for bone healing the procedure of dental implant upon the cases may differ.

What is dental implant? 

Fortunately, today with the help of dental implants, many dental problems have been resolved. 
Modern dental treatments aim to provide the highest quality of oral health including function, comfort, beauty, and speech. Iran along with advanced countries has made considerable achievements in modern dentistry including implantology. The science of implantology as novel technology in dentistry deals with periodontology, prosthetic dentistry and oral surgery. Dental implant is a kind of surgery procedure which dental roots is replaced by metal types. In this regard missed or the damaged tooth will be replaced and fixed by artificial ones and act like natural teeth. As a result tooth implant work as trustable alternative for patients and operate as natural tooth. Of course, type of implant and the quality of jawbone is very important in this surgery as it provides a kind of solid support for new implant. Moreover, a dental implant can be considered as a support for the jawbone. In some cases, a dental bone graft may be required because bone mass is not suitable for dental implant surgery. So dental implant may consist of some additional procedures.

What are the benefits of tooth implant?

There are various dental advantages of tooth implant for patients. Having permanent teeth instead of braces or dentures are one of the considerable benefits of tooth implants. Creating strong support for jaw and make the chewing ability as before are among the most important factors that patients always seek for implant procedure. As above mentioned the stability of other teeth can be guaranteed through dental implant procedure. It is notable that if for any reason the tooth implant is lost or is removed replacing it is possible. Besides, beautiful appearance is another important cause or benefit for patients.

Who can benefit from dental implant?

Dental implants can be used for girls and boys around 16 to 18 years old. This surgery is recommended for adult patients in any ages. As a rule congenital loss of teeth or losing tooth due to Injury, accident, infections or decay are among applicants for this surgery.
Dental Implant in Iran

What are the requirements of dental implants?

This surgery needs local anesthesia so it doesn’t make pain for tooth implant surgery. Most of the time and based on the stability of the jaw bone it takes about 12 to 24 week for the dental implant to bond. Following this process, the dentist recommends temporary prosthesis to facilitate chewing. In this period of time observing instructions of dentist is very important. For instance brushing around the implant area is limited for 24 hours. Besides, mouth washing should also be prevented at least 8 hours instead after about a day you can wash your teeth by mouthwash. Drinking after implant is acceptable however chewing is not recommended in for 24 hours after implant surgery. You should care your dental implant just like natural teeth. To maintain oral health it is always recommended to use toothbrushes with toothpaste. Some unsafe activities for the health of teeth should be prevented including eating coffee or tea should be limited in 72 hours following implant surgery. Observing these instructions preserve success in dental health.

Iranian dentist is founder of microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques in implantology.

There are numerous improvements in dentistry through these years. Iran as long as improved countries has gained many achievements and innovations in dentistry especially in implant and periodontology treatment. Iran Dental experts in various fields including Implantology or Implant therapy are leading professionals in the field. Iranian dentist “Dr.Shakibaaee” is pioneer in founding microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques in oral implantology . Dr. Behnam Shakibaaee is the only implant surgeon in the world to twice win the prestigious GERMAN PERIODONTOLOGY AWARD, besides, he is the only Asian dentist whose designed implant microsurgery instruments are manufactured in Germany. 
Exon works with reputable board certified dental implant specialists in world class clinics. Exon offers you trustable implant treatments. You can find humanity, quality, and truth through modern dental treatments as values of Exon Health Paradise Company. As health provider Exon helps you to preserve your self-esteem due to improvement your appearance. You feel better as your chewing is more comfortable than before. The most important feature of implant implementation is the expertise of the treatment provider and, in the second place, the need for specialized equipment, materials and components that possessed international and scientific standards. Exon offers you all of these standard. Dental implant is a lifelong solution to your missing teeth and helps you experience significant improvements in chewing ability, tooth stability and overall comfort.
Date: 10/8/2019

2019 October 8