Bone Graft and Sinus Lift treatment in Iran

Bone Graft and Sinus Lift treatment in Iran

Bone grafting is an oral surgical procedure that replaces the missing bone and reconstruct the bone mass to place an implant (the minimal height of the bone must be 8 mm). Basically the bone graft is realized together with the operation of implantation, it can be applied in case of a long-term missing tooth by which the bone is losing, or in case of chronic periodontitis by which the bone is getting thinner or absorbing.  
The necessity of bone grafting and determination of its type is verified only after the detailed examination of the patient’s X-ray. The oral surgeon performs bone graft in different ways with different materials including artificial bone graft material, natural bone graft material and bone transplantation. 
Sinus lifting is a special case of bone grafting which may be necessary if the bone of the upper grinding jaw is not wide enough to support a dental implant. In this case, the oral surgeon implements closed or opened sinus lift using bone graft materials to increase the height of upper jaw. 
Replacement of the jawbone by surgery allows the bone to be repaired in large areas. Thanks to the modern bone grafting and sinus lifting methods, nowadays almost any jawbone can be replaced to provide the basis for one or more implants. A suitable treatment plan is adapted by our expert oral surgeons according to your personal needs. 

Procedure of dental bone graft and sinus lift

Consultation and treatment plan that is accomplished in Iran. Exon facilitates arrangements of comprehensive dental examination, a panoramic X-ray of mouth, and an appropriate treatment plan are done by your oral surgeon specialist. You are informed by the specialist about the steps of the treatment, the recovery period, and the possibilities in your specific case in terms of type of bone graft and type of materials in accordance with your needs and expectations. Exon will also offer you a related leaflet including all necessary instructions for this procedure. In some cases additional examinations or CT scan must be done for checking the bone mass.
Consultation for dental treatment in Iran
Bone grafting is another process in this treatment. Grafting the bone is carried out under a local anesthesia. After making an incision, your oral surgeon will replace the bone tissue by filling the existing bone mass with the artificial or natural bone grafting materials, which are incorporated to the remaining bone over time.
Sinus lifting: you should not be worry about Lifting the sinus since it is performed under local anesthesia. After making an incision, your oral surgeon will raise the sinus inside by filling the area (between the upper jaw and sinus) with the bone grafting materials, which are incorporated to the remaining bone over time.
Healing process is final process. In both types of bone surgery, an absorbent membrane is used to cover the bone substitute materials to create the best possible environment for tissue regeneration. Your oral surgeon will then close the incision or wound with sutures and bandage the wound. The bone replacement substance becomes part of the surrounding area and the body which takes from 1 to 6 months. During this period, you have to maintain perfect oral hygiene and take medications, based on your specialist’s instructions. Exon will also provide you with related guidelines for healing process as leaflets. 
After healing, Exon will be in contact with you for checkup procedure. You must have the follow-ups and the required dental hygiene care explained by your dental specialist. More x-rays might be taken during the follow-up visits to examine how the bone substance materials are fitting into the existing bone tissue in terms of stability and durability.
It is noteworthy that you do not feel pain during the whole procedure performed under local anesthesia by our expert specialists. Iran dental specialists are pioneer in implantology and implant therapy. Exon presents you safe and trustable treatment in safe and world-class dental clinics with global standards of dental treatments. You meet friendly manner and expert staffs and enjoy your medical travel to Iran.

Who is the candidate for bone graft procedure?

Inadequate bone tissue for implantation in the area
Absorption of the bone tissue with significant bone loss on the territory
Insufficient thickness of the bone tissue or bone thinning 
Not having chronic periodontitis which could be achieved by gum disease treatment of the area
Advanced level of wound healing capacity and adequate level of oral hygiene care
Candidate for bone graft procedure

The techniques of bone graft and sinus lifting

There are several techniques to enlarge the mass of the bone such as bone grafting, closed sinus lifting or opened sinus lifting. These surgical procedures are done by our experienced oral surgeons specialized in this field using the best quality bone materials sourced from across the globe.
The bone grafting can be processed with the three main types of materials. The first type is the artificial bone grafting material which is made of synthetic, alloplastic material, mainly contains hydroxyapatite that is completely biocompatible as it is a natural component of the tooth tissue. The artificial bone replacement substance is injected into the desired area, and becomes healed and turns into a solid bone over a short period of time. The natural bone grafting material is the second type of bone material which is a disinfected and mineral-enriched animal bone tissue. Due to the added ingredients, this substance adapts to the patient’s bone tissue and grows into the hole until it completely fills it. The third type is bone transplant which significantly differs from the previous two, in which a single part of the patient’s own bone is removed from the hip, tibia, skull or jaw and supplements the missing part of the jawbone. 

Methods of sinus lift application

The sinus lifting can be applied through the two main methods. The first method is closed sinus lift which is recommended in case of smaller amount of bone loss. Through the site of the planned implant, the bone grafting material is inserted into the sinus cavity and its passages, turns into a bone-like hard material over time, and is embedded into. Opened sinus lift is the second method which is performed in case of larger amount of bone missing and is a bit more complicated than the closed sinus lift. The sinus is opened through the gums, and the bone grafting material is placed there until the desired height of bone is achieved. 
Following the surgical procedure, your professional oral surgeon will give you instructions regarding the healing period. You should keep up proper oral hygiene to help the healing process and contribute to the success of surgical treatment. The first few days after the bone surgery you may feel mild pain which could be eliminated by painkillers for a given period of time. Swelling can also occur which could be reduced using an ice pack on the face for 20 minutes. Moreover, you should eat cool and soft foods and avoid smoking as it can cause bleeding in the treated area.
It is notable that Individual leaflets based on the patient/client plan will be offered to you including instructions before and after procedure and also for upcoming follow up. During your staying in Iran, you will be fully supported by Exon benefiting from English and Arabic translation team, will be happy to assist with any concerns or queries that arise.
Methods of sinus lift in Iran


What are the benefits of Bone Graft and Sinus Lift?

A routine intervention in the field of oral surgery
Completely painless operation with quite easy post-operative recovery 
Using high quality bone material which is very similar to the human bone, completely biocompatible, and non-toxic, does not harm the body and does not provoke any tissue reaction
Perfect integration and bone formation with use of the required quantity of bone material guaranteed the outstanding level of its stability and durability

Probable risks of Bone Graft and Sinus Lift

A possible infection by the replacement of bone materials at the area which stops the implantation 
Pain or swelling that cannot be suppressed with medicine, or symptoms that do not end in few days or a week
Injury or damage to the nerves and blood vessels
Rejection of the bone graft
Iran is leading in dentistry procedures since the entire instruments are equipped with state-of-the-art dental devices. Moreover, Exon Health Paradise Co. is contract with Iranian dental experts with novel and latest treatments. Your missing teeth can be replaced by implant through a great deal of experience and skill!
Date: 10/9/2019

2019 October 9