Tehran as a hub for Health Tourism in the region

Tehran as a hub for Health Tourism among Islamic Countries

The 4th International Health Congress of Islamic countries held in Tehran on October 9-11 2019. 

Iran possess dimensional diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities since benefits from prominent and professional physicians and specialists in medicine and dentistry. Modern and up to date equipment and facilities, along with the latest medical and paramedical technologies, can be a good base for attracting tourists from neighboring countries as well as European and American countries. 
Cardiology (Heart), Renal Treatment (kidney), liver and kidney transplantation, modern and up-to-date ophthalmology and related surgeries, infertility treatment, neurosurgery, stem cell therapy, cosmetic surgeries, ultra-modern dental treatments such as world's first molecular implant dentistry with the well-known professional medical team in world-class clinics are among these capabilities
The congress will be held in cooperation with the ministries of health and tourism in order to boost relations among Islamic countries in the arena of health (medical) tourism, an official responsible for the event said IQNA on Saturday.
Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, India, South Africa, Russia, Serbia, Hungary and Kyrgyzstan are among the countries whose representatives are scheduled to take part in the congress, the official added.
Participants are intended to introduce their latest achievements and share experiences as well as discuss issues and ideas for improving economic and technological cooperation, according to the organizers.
Guests are not restricted to Islamic countries as the organizers say, “This event is not only for the Islamic countries, but it is also for all companies and organizations attempting to work in this huge market. Paying special attention and supporting active startups in the field of health tourism is another objective of this international event.”
Tourism minister said earlier in August that medical [and health] travelers constitute a significant share of arrivals in the country.
“[Nearly] 7.8 million foreign nationals visited Iran over the past [Iranian calendar] year [ended March 20] that a significant number of whom were medical tourists,” Ali-Asghar Mounesan noted.
The Islamic republic hosted a record high of nearly 600,000 medical travelers during the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-July 21), nearly equal to the figure for the whole past year, according to an Iranian association for the health tourism promotion.
Many domestic experts say that medical tourism in Iran produces win-win outcomes as the country yields considerable benefits to international health-care seekers, offering affordable yet quality treatment services.
A a four-season country from north point to south point with temperatures below zero and forty degrees at the same time in different parts is only part of the tourism capacity in Iran. Places of pilgrimage for many tourist pilgrims with accommodation and commuting facilities as well as favorable weather conditions such as Mashhad and Shiraz are other tourist attractions in Iran. Handicrafts, pastries, and local cuisine, indigenous tourism facilities such as rural guesthouses that are very attractive and equipped with a rural culture and structure for tourists are among the other facilities in Iran. 
Accordingly, Tehran, with 4 universities of medical sciences, 5 hospitals or more than 30% of the total hospitals in the country, can alone become the health tourism hub of the country and the region. 
Exon Health Paradise Co. is one of the health tourism companies of Iran in this field, enjoying the most experienced physicians and having the facilities of nature therapy and health services
Date: 10/9/2019

2019 October 9