High quality treatment in Iran

High quality treatment in Iran

Maintaining and improving health is a global tendency in all ages, social classes, beliefs, and different cultures; in fact, the desire to get rid of the disease, a healthy living, longer life, and enabling mind, body, and soul to flourish one's capacities and abilities are rooted at the beginning of human civilization.
The relationship between “health” and “tourism” can be examined in different dimensions. Maintaining the health of tourists in Iran is considered the most important relationship between these two concepts. 
Health tourism is defined as any trip that improves one's health. The trip can be voluntary or because of the recommendation of a doctor. The patient's accompanied in this trip is also a part of health tourism. Health tourism in terms of purpose is divided into wellness tourism (preventive) and medical tourism.

History of health tourism in Iran

There are many shreds of evidence of the importance of hot mineral water for Iranians. Avicenna has divided these areas into "spiritual sanctuaries, spas, and hot springs" and has explored how each category is used. This indicates the scientific importance of these areas for Iranians. Previously, the remaining monuments in Bishapur have indicated a canalization system for transferring spa to the surrounding of Anahita Temple. 
Since ancient times neighboring countries, especially the Persian Gulf countries, have been traveling to Iran for health care services. However, there isn't exact data about the history of these trips. Due to ethnic relations, cultural proximity and kinship, these patients traveled to Fars and Azerbaijan provinces for treatment and received treatments for infertility, organ transplantation especially kidney, liver, ear, eye, and heart disease. Using health services, affordable prices and favorable quality of treatment compared to regional countries are the reasons for traveling to Iran in the past. In addition, the patients also received support from their relatives during treatment.
Health tourism in Iran
Gradually and over time, due to the proper quality and low tariff of medical services in Iran and the country's competency to cure many diseases, a tendency in the private section has been formed to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Various individuals and companies such as medical, tourism or other specialties, stepped in medical and health tourism spontaneously sometimes without special supervision or standard they act spontaneously. Fortunately, under supervision of the Iran Ministry of health, medical tourism is going to be integrated into a system observing standards and international instruction. Exon Health Paradise Company is one of the standard health companies with the highest international standards. Exon facilitates international patients especially neighbor countries benefiting from reputable specialists in world-class hospitals and the latest technologies.

Medical tourism vs Wellness tourism

Wellness tourists distinct from medical tourists with regard to their needs and demands and interests. Understanding the difference between medical tourism and wellness tourism is fundamentally related to the various activities that meet the different needs of patients and travelers. Besides, the conditions and factors that have made successful destinations in this type of tourism are very different.
The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellness that is beyond the mere release of disease and disability; and emphasizes the active maintenance and improvement of health and wellness. 
The medical pattern is a reactive paradigm and focuses on treating patients. This health care is provided by physicians in clinics and health centers, and implicit interaction is between patients and care providers. Whereas wellness pattern is a proactive paradigm and voluntary and is due to some kind of individual responsibility. In this paradigm, a person chooses a lifestyle and activities that prevent disease, improve quality of life and provide the desired wellness.
Wellness Tourism in Iran

Common points in Medical and wellness tourism

Medical tourism and wellness tourism services overlap in many cases, especially in the field of hydrotherapy and spa services. In this case, the purpose of the trip reveals the distinction. If a tourist refers to hydrotherapy centers or other natural resources for medical treatment, then he will consider as health tourism. On the other hand clients referring to nature therapy center to maintain or boost health or even to prevent disease, then he will be considered a wellness tourist.

Medical tourism in Iran

Based on history, medicine and medical treatment has deep root in ancient Iran. Iranian scientists have always been reputable and flourished in different sciences including medicine.  Reputable and international physicians such as Borzouya, Avicenna, Jurjani and many others are well-known in the world. 
Advanced medical and surgical knowledge, High tech medical infrastructure, patient center care as well as state-of-the-art medical technologies are only part of Iran medical and surgical capacity. Well experienced, reputable, advanced, enthusiastic medical physicians and specialists are among other potential capacities of medical, dental and surgical treatments in Iran.
At the time being, we can name reputable medical sciences experts who belong to the globe not only Iran.
Dr. Tofy Mussivand, winner of the 2010 CIHR Knowledge Translation Award, invented artificial cardiac pump. This device solved a very important problem that is heart failure. This device can help breathing during the procedure of open heart surgery.
Dr. Ali Asghar Khodadoost, the late, was an international ophthalmologist who is known as innovator and best world's corneal graft.
Professor Samii is a genius of Iranian and international neurosciences who was named the World's Top Brain Surgeon by the World Academy of Neurosurgeons.
These great scientists and many more such as Dr. Farhad Shokoohi ,Dr. Behnam Shakibaiee, Dr. Mander and even more than it in various fields of medicine, surgery are among the honors of the globe and especially Iran.
All of diagnostic, clinic, para clinic, and follow up procedures are presented in Iran in an advanced and world-class level. Medical services in Iran may include plastic and cosmetic surgery, heart care, urology, eye care, dental care, fertility, dermatology, orthopedic and sport injuries treatments, neurosurgery, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, ophthalmology, organ transplantation and so on.
Exon Health Paradise Company as facilitator recognizes the needs of patients besides, upholds the highest quality and standards of medicine to enhance the patient’s satisfaction. Exon facilitates professional medical services that are efficient and effective. So you will enjoy the medical trips with affordable, reliable and world-class treatments.
Date: 10/15/2019

2019 October 15