Aesthetic and medical cheek augmentation in Iran

Aesthetic and medical cheek augmentation in Iran

What is a cheek augmentation? 

High, full and defined cheekbones are one of the facial features that people find attractive inherently. You may have low cheekbones, you may have aged and your cheeks aren't prominent like before. Cheek augmentation can improve your appearance in this case and give you a youthful vitality. Young looking and beautiful cheekbones boost your self-esteem.
There are three ways for cheek augmentation. Patients that are looking for a non-invasive approach, may prefer filler injections or fat transfer. However, for having more defined cheekbones and permanent results, cheek augmentation is usually done by inserting implants through surgery. 

What do you mean by fat transfer?

This method is also known as fat grafting. This method applies the patient's own extracted fat following abdominal liposuction. Then it is injected under the skin over the cheek area. This procedure is done under local anesthesia nonetheless doesn’t leave any scar. The session takes about 15 to 30 minutes. 
Fat is a natural material and gets absorbed by the body, but the results can last for 5 years and many say that the cheeks look more natural in this method. 
Cheek augmentation using fat transfer is not a choice for all candidates. This procedure is suggested for people with enough fat storage. It is noteworthy that blood coagulation should be normal in the process. Besides, lipid metabolism disorders should not be detected for candidates in this method. Acute infections and chronic diseases should also be considered for the cheek augmentation procedure as well. 
Cheek Augmentation in Iran

What are the fillers?

There is no need for surgery for dermal fillers injection. Cheek augmentation can be semi-permanent or temporary if that is your choice. Like fat transfer, the injections take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Overall, the results last shorter than other methods but it is the least invasive procedure. The materials that are used in this method, can be synthetic or natural. The most used natural material is hyaluronic acid (lasting from 9 months to one year, brands like Juvederm® and Restylane® and Voluma®). Among synthetics, polyalkylimide is used more common (long-lasting and removable, brands like aquamid®). 
fillers are suggested for those who do not have excess fat in their body. Moreover, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a sinus infection, you are not eligible for this procedure. 

What are implants? 

As mentioned before, cheek augmentation implants are permanent. This method needs surgery and it is done under general or local anesthesia. The surgery takes about one hour. 
The most common materials that are used for cheek implants are silicon that can be removed if needed. Porous polyethylene (brands like Medpor®) and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (brands like Gore-Tex®) are used in this method as well. These materials give you a more natural look as they integrate with the tissue and fuse to the bone. 
Accordingly, the removal process of the prosthesis is complicated and not recommended.
The cheek implants come in different shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are malar implants, submalar implants and combined implants (covering malar and submalar). 
If you’re looking for a natural look but your skin is too thin, this method seems not to be suitable for you.  If you don't have enough fat and your skin is thick and healthy you are eligible for cheek augmentation implant procedure.

How long does cheek augmentation recovery take? 

The recovery time and the intensity level of pain depend on the method. The procedure is pain-free since anesthetics are used.
In fat transfer, there is a little pain in injection sites in the postoperation phase however the level of pain is higher in liposuction sites. In cheek augmentation by filler, you may experience some pain and swelling after injection. You can expect a full recovery after 5 to 10 days in these methods. 
Since cheek augmentation implant insertion is an invasive surgery, it has the highest level of pain and swelling. Totally, pain and swelling are minimum and can be handled by using ice packs and analgesics. The swelling and bruising disappear gradually in two to four weeks. You may also experience numbness in the area which is temporary. The final result can be seen after at least 4 months. Also, don’t sleep on your side for 8 weeks after surgery. 
Cheek augmentation in Iran

What are preparation steps for cheek augmentation procedure?

There are some steps that you should keep in mind prior to the procedure. 
If you smoke, stop smoking 6 weeks before surgery and a few weeks after the procedure.
Make sure you’re healthy and your weight is stable.
Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinners like aspirin, herbal supplements.
If you have asthma, don’t take your medications from two days before the injection.
Do not drink alcohol from at least two days before injection and don’t use ephedrine.
On your surgery day, don’t take thyroid medications or use caffeinated drinks.
Consult with your doctor for further information. Based on the operation, there may be other things that you should consider before getting a cheek augmentation.

How much does the cheek augmentation cost in Iran and worldwide?

Cheek augmentation cost includes doctor's fee, the cost of health care or surgical facility, the cost of anesthesia procedure, medication, tests before and after the procedure and the cost of applied materials.
Cheek augmentation by filler costs less than other methods per procedure. Since it is temporary, you will need to repeat the procedure at least every two years. Cheek augmentation with an implant is the most expensive but it is permanent. Not considering the cost of the liposuction procedure, in the middle ground, there is cheek augmentation by a fat transfer that lasts for about 5 years. 
The cost of cheek augmentation and the implant is lower in Iran compared to other countries even though the quality is much higher. For example, for cheek implants that are the most expensive method, the statistics of the American Society of plastic surgeons in 2018 showed that the medium price is around 3000$ and this is just the surgeon’s fee. While in Iran the whole procedure, including the surgery, tests, anesthesia, medication and materials, costs between 1500$ to 3000$.
There are a lot of well-known surgeons and dermatologists in Iran. Iranian physicians are expert, highly educated, and board-certified with skillful and friendly staff working in world-class and modern hospitals.
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Date: 11/5/2019


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