Facial paralysis treatment in Iran

Facial paralysis treatment in Iran

Facial paralysis is the inability to move facial muscles of a part of the face back to nerve damage in the face. This disorder makes fascial muscles droop or weaken in one side or both sides of the face. You may face with the loss of your ability to close your eyes or deviation of your mouth to one other side of your face. There are various causes lead to facial nerve paralysis. They may result from congenital diseases, infectious diseases, toxins, trauma, and cancerous conditions. Facial paralysis may occur unexpectedly (Bell’s palsy) or may happen due to trauma or damage to the cranial nerve or stroke. Neck or head tumors also may lead to facial paralysis. The duration of paralysis may differ based on the cause of this disorder.

What are the facial paralysis causes?

According to related studies, the most prevalent cause of facial paralysis is Bell’s palsy. Bell’s palsy appears with inflammation of the facial nerve as well as drooping of the face in one or both sides. Indeed, any specific reason for facial nerve has been recognized so far nonetheless most of the patients get better in several months. Stroke is also the second common reason for facial paralysis. Brain cells may be damaged in stroke. So stroke can be considered as one of the most important causes of facial paralysis. The stroke type affects the severity of the damage and especially in facial paralysis. Brain cells may be damaged due to high pressure or lack of oxygen. Facial paralysis may be occurred due to other reasons including injury or fracture in skull, tumors, infections, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Guillain – bare syndrome and some autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis that influence the brain and spinal cord. 
Sometimes facial paralysis happens in newborns and infants. Most of these babies will heal without treatment. Sometimes this condition appears after congenital syndrome-like Mobius Syn as well as Melkersson.
Facial paralysis treatment in Iran

What are symptoms of facial paralysis?

According to the cause of facial paralysis, the symptoms may differ. Different Symptoms are related to the reason for this disorder. The important outcome of facial nerve palsy includes asymmetry, synkinesis, hypertension, and contracture; all of these affect on the mood of patients. Have psychosocial effects on patients. Synkinesis due to mal regeneration causes involuntary movements during a voluntary movement. It should be emphasized that fascial paralysis is a kind of warning of the disorder. It means that fascial paralysis is not necessarily described stroke but we should consider all probable conditions. 
Bell’s palsy may include the following symptoms: 
Unilateral or bilateral paralysis in the face
Droopy or weaken mouth movement
Speaking disorders
Eating and drinking disorders
Pain around ear
Tearing disorders
As mentioned, some of the symptoms are the same in Bell’s syndrome and stroke. So it is important to keep in mind that if the signs of bell’s Syndrom are accompanied by the following disorders it will mostly be diagnosed as a stroke. So additional symptoms to bell’s syndrome are often diagnosed as a stroke. Stroke is often diagnosed with an assessment of the state of consciousness. Other symptoms may include confusion, seizure, blurry vision and problem in moving arms and legs. 

What are fascial paralysis treatment in Iran?

They are different approaches to the treatment of facial paralysis in children and adults. The condition will improve on its own in Bell’s palsy. The patient should be examined by the physician. Medication, as well as electrical stimulation, is often a therapeutic choice for patients suffering from facial palsy due to Bell's palsy or brain tumor. Reconstructive surgery should be considered if this treatment is not effective. Most of the time body heals itself for several months. However, patients should be completely observed during this period. Treatment can be divided into 2 sections of medical and surgical procedures. Medical treatments mostly include oral steroids to decrease inflammation of the facial nerve. The healing rate in this type of treatment is often acceptable. However, in this condition, a high dose of medication is administered. Medication should be started within 72 hours of paralysis or weakness of the body. So again, it is strongly recommended to meet your doctor as soon as you face this condition. Another approach for treating facial paralysis is Surgical Intervention. Sometimes facial paralysis takes more than 14 days or two weeks.  Then otologist should examine the patient. Facial nerves are completely examined through electroneuronography testing. Prolonged facial paralysis is completely tested and examined by an otologist. Duration, condition and the extent of paralysis is very important for therapeutically approaches.

What are the benefits of fascial paralysis treatment in Iran?

The nerves come from the brain to the facial muscles, each part of which can be damaged. Accordingly, some are related to the middle ear, nose, and throat, and some part relates to the plastic surgeon, so facial nerve palsy surgery can be related to all above-mentioned areas. As a result, different specialists in different fields may be involved in this treatment. Iran has knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field. Professor. Dr. Majid Samii is a well-known leader of neurology. He has innovated a new approach for the treatment of facial nerves. He has introduced a new type of treatment to repair damaged nerves, both in accidents and in tumors. Highly educated, knowledge, the expertise of Iranian specialists as well as their commitment to treating patients regardless of sex, religion, race, and nationality makes them so reputable in the world. Exon Health Paradise Company provides you modern treatments and excellent follow up care in world-class hospitals. Affordable costs, reliable and high-quality treatment, as well as safe and enjoyable travel to Iran, makes it so favorable for international patients.
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Date: 11/11/2019

2019 November 11