Which cosmetic breast surgery do you intend to do

Which cosmetic breast surgery do you intend to do

Many women seek to have the best breast cosmetic surgery to improve their feature. Some intend to reconstruct their breast following their medical condition, some desire to do breast lift surgery following milking or aging as they have dropping breasts, some would like to reduce the size of their breast. 

You may seek breast cosmetic surgery. You are suspicious about the correct procedure you may need to have a better good-looking. Sometime due to previous medical surgery like mastectomy you may need to do cosmetic surgery. You may have heard about breast augmentation as it’s the most popular cosmetic breast surgery. But what is really the best suitable option for you? Breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation? Let’s review various types of breast cosmetic surgeries then decide about the most proper approach for you as a client.

What is breast lift in Iran?

Breast lift that is also known as mastopexy is a kind of cosmetic breast surgery to treat drooping breasts. In a breast lift, excess skin is removed and breast is reshaped through tightening the breast tissue. If you have decided to do this, overall health is required. Moreover, you need to have an acceptable weight to have a stable surgical procedure.

What is breast reduction in Iran?

Breast reduction or mammoplasty is another cosmetic breast surgery. Breast reduction aims to make the breast smaller in size so it will suit to your size and will also boost your appearance. In this operation excess fat, tissue, and skin are removed as well. You should be physically healthy and have logical and real expectations from this surgery. Sometimes you desire to reduce the size of your breast due to medical condition for example you may have neck pain due to heavy and large breasts.
Breast cosmetic surgery in Iran

What is breast augmentation in Iran?

Breast augmentation is a kind of breast cosmetic surgery to enlarge the breasts. This operation is also applied for women with previous partial or radical mastectomy. The clients would like to adjust their breasts in size or shape or even the contour of the breast.  In this surgery that may be reconstructive or cosmetic, fat, flexible sack, fluid or silicon may be implanted. This surgery improves your self-esteem as it affects your appearance. Like other cosmetic surgeries, you should have normal physical health as well as acceptable weight to tolerate the surgery.

What are the types of breast augmentation in Iran?

Breast augmentation is implemented through three main approaches. The first is inframammary incision which is located under the fold of mummeries. The second method would be Trans axillary or around the nipple that is also called per areolar. Most of the time the first type that is inframammary incision is recommended as the scar is almost hidden and has the least risks. In all cases, your surgeon will choose the best type based on your medical or cosmetic condition.
Breast Augmentation in Iran

What is the best cosmetic breast surgery option for you?

Breast lifting or enlarging the breast both boost your self-esteem as they can improve your feature and accordingly your body-image. As above-mentioned through various cosmetic breast approaches you may want to do reconstructive or cosmetic surgery on your breast. The main concern for clients is their need for breast enlargement, breast reduction or even tightening their breasts. Drooping or sagging breasts encourages you to do a breast lift. In the case that you have aged and droopy breasts, this method is proper. Following breastfeeding, many women face the loss of breast volume so they intend to do breast augmentation. Besides, asymmetrical breast issues may be solved through the breast augmentation approach. Your decision directly depends on the shape, condition, style, and shape of your breasts. The shape of your chest is also important for breast cosmetic concerns.
In contrast, having large breasts that make the pain in the back or neck encourages you to do a breast reduction. So, you can determine your real concern and choose proper cosmetic surgery. 

Who is a good candidate for breast cosmetic surgery?

Like any other cosmetic surgery, overall physical health is required for the surgical process. These surgeries are recommended for women aged more than 18 years old. Smoking is a risk factor for these types of surgeries so it is strongly suggested to stop smoking before acting to surgery. It is emphasized that you should have realistic expectations from yourself and cosmetic surgery. If you have keloid scarring your physician may prohibit this surgery for you.
Which surgery is better for clients in Iran? 
Each of these surgeries has their own benefits or risks. It depends on your age, lifestyle, your body shape, and your concerns. You should consult with your surgeon to choose the best type of surgery as a patient-based cosmetic surgery. Sometimes the surgeon suggests doing breast lift and breast augmentation surgery simultaneously. Iran is the leading country in cosmetic surgery in the region. Accordingly, Exon Health Paradise Co. in contract with the most reputable Iranian professionals in the field in world-class hospitals present you with the best quality breast cosmetic surgeries with state-of-the-art techniques. Experienced and friendly manner medical team make an unbeatable and enjoyable medical journey for you in Iran. 
Published by: Exon Medical Department 
Date: 12/18/2019


2019 December 18