Cosmetic surgery and sex life

Cosmetic surgery and sex life

Aesthetic plastic surgery has been among women for decades and it’s not restricted to celebrities and wealthy anymore. Procedures like faceliftbreast augmentation and implants, breast reduction and especially nose jobs are among the most performed surgeries. Some claim that cosmetic surgeries could change the patient’s sex life by affecting psychosexuality. 

Why do people seek cosmetic surgeries?

From ancient times people have always tried to look more beautiful and attractive. Nowadays, the beauty industry has been created to respond to this need. This includes clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, hairstyles and currently surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are the most profitable part of this industry with growing influence and power. Aesthetic plastic surgery has been among people and women in particular for decades, besides, it’s not restricted to celebrities and wealthy. Procedures like facelift, breast augmentation, breast reduction and especially nose jobs are among the most performed surgeries. Cosmetic surgery has been known as a demanding profession all over the world.

Can genital cosmetic surgery enhance one's sex life? 

In the last decade a phenomenon called “body changing culture” has been popularized which has shifted our perception of what is possible and desirable to change in our bodies. In this culture, an ideal model is presented and everyone is expected to look like that perfect model. In line with this culture, the most performed surgeries among women are the ones that enhance the “femaleness” including thighs, stomach, breasts, and buttocks. Now, it has gone over the normal level and includes unnecessary surgeries on vulva, labia, vagina, penis and even G-spot with the claim of enhancement of sex life. For men, the most promoted issue is impotency and sexual performance. In these matters, men are even more exploitable and suggestible. 
However, there has been little evidence supporting these claims and not only are they not medically proven for enhancing sexual performance, but also, they could impair sensations in genitalia by damaging nerves and blood vessels. 
Cosmetic surgery and sex life

Can cosmetic surgeries affect one's sexual life? 

Some surgeons claim that cosmetic surgeries could change the patient’s sex life by an impressive effect on psychosexuality. Here are a few studies which investigated the effects of cosmetic surgeries on quality of life: 
  1. Rankin et al. showed that attractive people have higher levels of self-steam and body image. They indicated that positive results of surgeries could improve the quality of life, self-confidence, satisfaction with appearance and psychological well-being and change people’s social life, sex life, and relationships. In fact, sometimes the plastic surgeon is called a “psychosurgeon” because of the effects of the surgery.
  2. Some scientists such as Bolton et al. studied the effect of the abdominoplasty on body image. The results showed that following the surgery body image improved and accordingly exposure avoidance experiences during sex reduced, and obsessive-compulsive self-consciousness declined. Goin and Rees indicated that in psychologically stable patients, after rhinoplasty the level of self-consciousness, anxiety, and interpersonal sensitivity has decreased and the level of self-esteem has increased. 
  3. Weiderman et al. reported that in people who are self-conscious about the mid-torso and other weight-sensitive areas of their body, the level of sexual satisfaction and functionality is declined. 
  4. Bersheid also showed that breast augmentation might positively enhance the patient’s self-image and self-confidence, her desire to have intercourse, sex quality, and frequency. It also could help women in achieving orgasm. 
  5. Finally, Alford et al. indicated that women who have undergone cosmetic surgeries have more frequent and enjoyable sex. They are more comfortable to show their body and try new sexual positions with their partners. 
As abovementioned the effect of cosmetic surgery has reached beyond the physical and physiological aspects of women’s lives and now is affecting their sexual life. 
Although cosmetic surgeries may help people to enhance some aspects of life, it’s the case if the results are positive. Unexpected and unfavorable results and complications could significantly decrease the quality of life. If the surgery doesn't an addition to bad cosmetic results. The financial burden of excessive surgeries on the community and health care system is another downfall of cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, make an informed decision in choosing the best surgeon with the lowest rate of complications and make sure you are emotionally stable at the time of decision-making. 
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Date: 12/21/2019


2019 December 21