The need for bariatric surgery for diabetic people

The need for bariatric surgery for diabetic people

Many overweight people suffering from diabetes II as well. They also tolerate different complications that originated from diabetes. Bariatric surgery is a suggestion for diabetic people who have experienced unsuccessful treatments in controlling blood sugar.

Bariatric surgery brings health and happiness to many overweight people undergoing diabetes. Studies show that diabetes can be controlled following bariatric surgery. Iran as a well-known country with the most professional team of bariatric surgeons and possessing the highest world-class standards with the state-of-the-art techniques can be a good destination for bariatric surgery. Based on studies and researches bariatric surgery has an impressive effect in maintaining longtime weight and also in reducing the morbidity effects of the disease. You can also find more details about the reason for bariatric surgery and its benefits in this text.

What are the complications of diabetes?

Diabetes is considered as one of the chronic and devastating diseases all over the world. Diabetes is the result of improper or inadequate insulin. Insulin is a regulatory hormone that regulates blood glucose. About 5 percentage of the global population is affected by diabetes and this rate is increasingly added daily. Along with weight gain, the risk of diabetes II increases. Overweight people are at risk of diabetes II more than other people. Uncontrolled type II can cause long-term problems such as coronary disease, stroke, renal problems, blindness, oral diseases, fatigue, and depression, need to cut off part of the body and many more.

Can obesity cause diabetes?

Obesity is different from diabetes in meaning and explanation however with regard to physiological outcome obesity can lead to diabetes. Originated diabetes from obesity is because of a defect in insulin secretion coupled with increased insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition in which the insulin receptors in the tissues are unable to carry glucose (glucose) into the cell for metabolism and, as a result, blood glucose increases. In short, increasing fat raises insulin resistance.
Causes of diabetes

Is it possible to treat diabetes through gastric sleeve surgery?

As a matter of fact, diabetes treatment cannot perform through gastric sleeve surgery nonetheless it can improve type II diabetes in overweight people. Resulted in weight loss through sleeve surgery improves diabetes in obese people. Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for the people that convey BMI 1 or 2 and the drug has not been effective for treatment in the regulation of blood sugar. More survives indicate that blood sugar has been controlled in diabetic people undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in comparison with the ones that didn’t do that.

How is diabetes treated with gastric sleeve surgery?

About 75 percent of the stomach is removed through gastric sleeve surgery. Accordingly, only a small part of the stomach remains as a tube. As the stomach shrinks, the amount of food consumed decreases and the patient begins to lose weight. Weight loss causes significant changes in digestive hormones. These hormones release insulin, which in turn helps to control type 2 diabetes for the patient. In patients with early stages of diabetes, they can live for years by using diabetes-specific drugs (such as insulin and metformin). Patients who have undergone diabetes for a long time, gastric sleeve surgery can regulate their blood sugar levels by limiting the amount of food consumed. 
Treating diabetes with gastric sleeve surgery in Iran

Is it well reasoned to tolerate sleeve surgery to treat diabetes?

It seems to be well reasoned to reduce the severity of diabetes type II and to decrease medications through sleeve surgery for obese people.

When can we feel the effects of diabetes treatment through gastric sleeve surgery?

Indeed, it is not exactly clear how long the body will increase insulin production after a gastric sleeve operation. But studies show that at least 10 years of blood sugar will be regulated through weight loss and this is one of the long-term benefits of gastric slide surgery.

What are the important considerations in sleeve gastric surgery?

Although the outcome of sleeve surgery is positive for diabetes patients you should keep in mind the following considerations:
The result of sleeve surgery will depend on your disease history and previous level of control over diabetes.
• You should slightly modify your diet.
• You should keep on regular activities.
• Following sleeve surgery, your overall health including endocrine glands should be monitored regularly by your doctor.
Modification of diet after sleeve surgery

How can you find the best treatment for sleeve surgery?

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Date: 1/20/2020

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