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Thread lift

Most of us, have gradually seen changes in our skin, especially in the face after the age of thirty. With aging, our skin loses its collagen-formation ability over time, and this change is the beginning of skin loss, wrinkles, and ultimately our concern about aging. Thread lift is one of the newest methods in medical and cosmetic science that is used to prevent sagging skin and removing wrinkles for rejuvenating and has many fans.
Thread lift is a safe and creative method that reduces facial sagging without surgery. It is done by threads that are completely absorbable and by the hooks and supporting forms, keeping the face and body tissues in a safe and stable state. These threads do not completely replace surgery, but are a good alternative for people who have a mild sagging or who do not want to undergo surgery despite severe sagging. 

Advantages of thread lift

It can eliminate the effects of aging, which can weaken and loosen facial tissues as well as annoying wrinkles on the skin.
It is considered as a simple solution for people suffering from wrinkles or sagging skin.
It does not require special preparation and special care.
The effects of treatment are immediately visible.
The effects of treatment are relatively long-term.
It does not have any damage or injury on the skin.
If necessary, the face and body lift can be done months or years after lift at the same place or elsewhere.

What areas of the face can be treated with Thread Lift?

Practically, thread lift can be used in most parts of the face. Thread lift is done for the wrinkles of forehead and eyebrows. Of course, this operation is used for those who do not want to use Botox. Also, it's used for tiny wrinkles under the eyes. The most notable part of this treatment is in the cheeks, as well as the jaw and chin lines that are useful and eliminate wrinkles.
Since thread lift is performed under the skin layers, it causes mild inflammation and disappears completely over time and with completion of the course of treatment. However, it should be noted that the primary inflammation which is caused by increased blood flow in the area can have a positive effect. It’s because the increased blood flow in the stimulated area of the skin contributes to increased collagen production.

Threads used in face lift

Silhouette, PDO and barbed threads are the most commonly used threads in which PDO is completely absorbable and is a safe method. Silhouette thread is the least aggressive and applicants with tighter skin are good candidates to use it. But in this method, patients may feel the stiffener cones in site, which are quite absorbable. The barbed thread is mostly used to eliminate frown and laugh lines and its use in face lift causes a mild pain and discomfort.

How long does a thread lift last and what are the effects of it?

Thread lift is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. Also, biodegradation and complete absorption of the threads takes about 6 months. However, during this time the body develops a layer of collagen and elastic fibers around the threads and this feedback takes about 1 to 6 months.

How Long Will the Effects of thread lift rejuvenation Remain?

Thirty percent of the effects of thread lift of face are visible on the first few days, and the rest of the effects are visible four months after rejuvenation. The effects of these threads depend on the type of thread, the method and the number of threads that used and it can last from one to five years.

After care instructions

Don’t strain your face as much as possible 
Don't use cosmetics creams for three days
Don’t eat hot drinks

Side Effects of thread Lift

There are no incisions or stitches in this method. Therefore, there is no scar. PDO threads are not dangerous and have no side effects on the body. it's possible that thread lift cause red spots, swelling and bruising due to the injection. However, different people may have different responses to treatments. These side effects disappear within a few days.
Date: 9/16/2019

2019 September 16