Older people need to drink fluids even when they are not thirsty

Older people may not feel as thirsty as younger adults

Researches from the human and environmental physiology unit at university of Ottawa in Canada explored the paradoxical risk associated with dehydration later in life.

According to new findings efficiency of dehydration perception declines with age. Scientists suggest that the ability

of detecting and responding to the level of salt in blood, decreases as we age.


Older people may not feel as thirsty as younger adults

the elderly do not feel thirst as readily as younger people do. This increases the chances they will consume less water and consequently become dehydrated, and should consider this to stay hydrated in hot weather, when they're working and when they exercise. They should drink fluid regularly during the day, because without drinking enough water, dehydration may cause dangerous problems in older adults.



Here are some tips to prevent dehydration in older adults:

When it comes to suggest drinking fluid to elderly, you may face some myths that cause drink less water and other fluids during the day:

A common myth is that you have to just drink water, but you can drink what you enjoy like tea, juices and coffee.

Another myth is that drinking less fluid will help urinary incontinence. But you should know that it makes incontinence worth, because it reduces the bladder's opacity.

Many people may not recognize the advantages of staying hydrated when they are young, but older adults are more vulnerable to the effects of dehydration due to age-related physiological changes or drug side-effects or both.

Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and encourage older people to drink fluid regularly and make it a part of their daily routine. Older women who don’t have to restrict their fluid intake for medical reasons, such as heart or .kidney problems, are advised to drink eight glasses a day. For older men, it’s ten glasses.



Published by: Exon Medical Department
Author: Afaq Ejtemaee
Date: 10/13/2020

2020 October 13