WORLD AIDS DAY – December 1st

WORLD AIDS DAY – December 1st


The first day of December is named AIDS day. Aids so far claimed the lives of millions over the past half-century and accordingly has been on the agenda of governments for the past six years to protect and cherish its victims.
Based on the World Health organization 37,900,000 people are suffering from AIDS at the end of 2018 and 500,000 people are new cases and death per year by 2020. Of the 37.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2018, 79% received testing, 62% received treatment, and 53% had achieved suppression of the HIV virus with reduced risk of infecting others.

Women are more vulnerable to AIDS

Women are more at risk of HIV in comparison with men, so women are at greater risk of developing them due to their physical condition and may be infected with the virus if they are not detected early, HIV lead.

Can HIV+ women get pregnant?

Some people suppose that HIV patients should not get pregnant because they may transfer the virus to the fetus. Fortunately, they are different approaches to prevent AIDS to children by transmitting the maternal virus. Marital medical consultation will help you and your partner if you are contaminated with HIV to prevent transferring HIV to your baby.
AIDS - HIV treatment in Iran

What are the guidelines for having child in HIV+ patients?

Some of the suggestions are as follows:
During pregnancy, take a combination of anti-HIV medicines prescribed,
If tests show you have high HIV levels, you can use a caesarian section instead of normal vaginal delivery
You may be given anti-HIV medication during labor and delivery.
Your baby will be given anti-HIV medications after birth.
You should avoid breastfeeding your child.
Following these guidelines, 99 percent of pregnant women will not pass on the virus to their offspring.
Iran benefits from the highly specialized laboratory of AIDS Research Center to help patients. Specific para-clinical services include diagnostic and confirmatory tests for HIV infection as well as CD4 cell counts, viral assay and clearance of virus-infected sperm in people living with HIV / AIDS. Exon Health Paradise Company is equipped to facilitate the treatment of people infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS.
Published by: Exon Medical Department 
Date: 12/1/2019

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