Iran's response to Coronavirus outbreak

Iran's response to coronavirus outbreak

Who you can trust about Coronavirus in Iran? 

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID -19 ) in Iran,  has created the need to release information and awareness to people all around the world. The name of Coronavirus is a reminder of worries, pain, suffering, and anxiety in nations worldwide. It is noteworthy that being with distress and anxiety cannot help anyone, in contrast there is a need to keep the community happy and healthy. There is both a need to reduce the number of affected people, and to control stress or anxiety, because fear, anxiety, and anger can weaken the immune system. Worrying about the conditions can also affect the immune system. 
The relevant media including reliable websites from original health resources can bring required awareness and calm to the people to take care of themselves against Coronavirus. Politicizing the medical news not only cannot help the people but also prevents them from accessing high quality and reliable health services in different areas of medicine. Based on CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) no vaccine has been found to treat Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19. Preventive measures are the best way to avoid illness. Everyday preventive measures are the recommendation of the CDC to help people and to prevent the spreading of this respiratory disease.


What has Iran done for managing the spread of coronavirus?

Based on the report of public relations of the IRAN Ministry of Health on Press TV, Iran has considered transparency in its reports without any processing, while many others are either incapable of exactly recording their cases or would deny the number of victims for political reasons. 
In this regard, and along with the outbreak of coronavirus in Qom a special task force has been formed to confront this newly emerged disease. This disease as a novel virus has been first diagnosed in Wuhan, China, accordingly it spread very fast in Europe, the US, and middle east including Iran.
Iran as one of the pioneer countries in medical diagnosis and treatment with advanced medical facilities and techniques is equipped to admit Coronavirus patients. All medical facilities are now ready and equipped to accommodate current corona patients and even more corona patients across the country with about one thousand dedicated beds according to Iran Ministry of Health officials. In this regard, the Pasteur Institute, benefitting from Corona diagnostic kits, tests a thousand and two hundred samples daily. There are currently no waiting samples that are untested at this center. According to Web da reports ( Ministry news agency), Dr. Alireza Biglari, Director of the Pasteur Institute of Iran said: " Over the past week, in addition to setting up more than 20 corona diagnostic laboratories across the country, testing capacity at the Pasteur Institute has increased more than tenfold and now there is the ability to perform daily tests at Pasteur.”
Dr. Beiglari said that at the same time the training and monitoring of the laboratories are ongoing in many cities in Iran. Iran's medical team, including senior managers and officials from all medical teams, work hard and that’s why the WHO representative calls the action a "best practice".
The Ministry's senior managers and the day-to-day efforts of the heads of Iran medical universities result in controlling the disease in the best possible approach.
To address the issues related to prevention in public places, medical officials determined the supply of alcohol required by manufacturing units, the status of disinfectant production, monitoring of the manufacturing process, the methods of rapid and convenient distribution of disinfectants and their supply. Besides, the condition of the production units for supplying different types of masks, guns, shields, etc. have been studied and assessed. Iran Ministry officials has produced a large quantity of preventive materials by utilizing the internal capacities in the shortest time possible.
Besides, call center 4030 is dedicated to expediting service to the people; to answer people's questions about Corona and its problems.
The Anti- Corona informatic System has been launched to inform the public more about how to deal with coronavirus.
General and specialized education, guidelines and circulars, articles and scientific evidence, as well as related news about the state of Corona in Iran, are parts of this system.
Details of information about Coronavirus including diagnosis and treatment Protocols, nutrition to prevent and manage the disease, training messages on crises and disasters focusing on coronavirus, personal protective equipment for coronavirus, corona care hospitalization guidelines are among the titles published in the system. In addition to texts, videos have been uploaded as well.
Author: Pegah Ebadi
Date: 3/1/2020

2020 March 1