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Concerns are rising about coronavirus spreading in South-East Asia

On 17 March, WHO has called countries in southeast Asia to consider aggressive measures in facing coronavirus. As the number of infected people and the death toll has increased in this region to 480 and 8, WHO has emphasized the immediate need to scale up preventive efforts for controlling the virus.

South-East region includes 11 countries and until now 8 countries have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus including Thailand 177, India 125, Indonesia 134, Sri Lanka 19, Bangladesh 5, Maldives 13, Bhutan 1 and Nepal 1.

The number of infected cases is soaring rapidly in this region with new clusters being recognized.

Globally the number of confirmed cases has reached 179,000 along with 7426 deaths. However, the number of confirmed cases has been reduced to 39 in china and the virus is gotten under control. The daily number of infected people and the death toll is gradually decreasing in Eastern Mediterranean countries including Iran. Until now, Iran has 14990 confirmed cases and 883 deaths.


Is coronavirus out of control?

As of today, the transmission pattern is local in countries most affected by the virus which means that the location of the infection source is within the reporting location and it is traceable. However, the numbers show that the spread of the virus is going towards community transmission. Therefore, infected individuals must be detected and isolated. Also, people who have been in contact with confirmed cases must be traced. In addition to public and personal hygiene, social distancing including closing schools and gatherings should be considered to reduce the transmission.

According to WHO, 150 countries have been impacted by the coronavirus and we need to act now if we want to control it. WHO has shipped more than 1.5 million test kits to 120 countries.

WHO’s message is to test and isolate infected people. The disease can affect people of any age. The symptoms of the COVID-19 has been updated to:

•        Runny nose

•        Sore throat

•        Cough

•        Fever

•        Pneumonia

•        Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Look out for these symptoms and contact your doctor if you think you may have the disease.


Author: Effat Fazel
Date: 3/18/2020


2020 March 18