New hope for Europe : Decrease in COVID-19 death rate

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Recent COVID-19 statistics in European countries

France, Italy, and Spain which have been the worst affected countries by coronavirus, have reported a decline of death rates over the last day. The death toll number has decreased from 619 to 431 in Italy which is the lowest figure since March 19. Also, fewer people need intensive care beds and this has made the situations better. In Francethe death rate has fallen from 345 to 315 over the last 24 hours. In Spain, the number of new COVID-19 patients declined to 3,800 from 4,750 and the death rate is decreased too.

On the other hand, the number of COVID-19 deaths went over 10,000 in the UK and reached the number of 10,647 with 1,710 new deaths. However, according to Dr. Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, the Easter day was the day in which the numbers have peaked in England, and they are expected to go down by following social distancing restrictions. Germany was able to trace its earliest community transmission. As a result, the numbers are relatively low in Germany. Till now this country has about 127,000 confirmed cases, and above 3,000 deaths which continues to decline day by day.


Is it time to ease down the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions

The decrease in COVID-19 patients and deaths have brought hope to Europe for easing the restrictions to save the economy. However, this doesn’t mean that the lockdown will be lifted. 

With the continued decline in patient numbers, the authorities will be able to draw a clearer picture for their citizens on when and how the lockdown will end.

Italy has extended the lockdown to May 3. Also, France might extend the lockdown to about May 15 with easier measures, While Spain is planning to cautiously lift the tough restrictions within the next two weeks and Germany is planning to start easing the restrictions in many steps after April 18.

The affected countries by coronavirus are looking forward to going back to their economic activities to prevent further damage. The global lockdown cost is projected to be about US$5 trillion as reported by John Hopkins University. The pandemic has claimed more than 114,000 lives and has infected more than 1,850,000 people worldwide. However, on the bright side above 420,000 patients have recovered from the disease.


Author: Effat Fazel
Date: 4/13/2020

2020 April 13