Exon Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Exon Health Tourism Paradise
Terms and Conditions 


- By means of the present document, clients are informed about the general terms and conditions that prevail for their use or consultation.
- The specialists of Exon Health Tourism Paradise (hereinafter referred to as the “EXON”) help an applicant (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) establish contact with health care service providers, including clinics, hospitals, doctors and medical spa, and assist with making the decision that best suits the Client’s needs.
- Exon Health Tourism Paradise assists in communications with service providers before and after health procedures to provide consistency of care. Exon helps in making arrangements for treatment or other health issues and travel logistics.
- Exon fully guarantees all of its services.
- Exon is not a healthcare provider. The main purpose of Exon is to facilitate the Client’s contact with hospitals, clinics, doctors and other health providers and provide information about the services available with them. Exon aims to provide foreign clients with the details of quality health service providers at an affordable cost in IRAN.
- Exon does not treat patients but give them medical consultation.
- Exon offers the following services on the territory of IRAN and in accordance with IRAN legislation: 
• Health procedures
• Transportation
• Accommodation 
• Sightseeing tours and other touristic services.
The third-party service providers
- Exon recommends all patients to take advice from their family physician, or a trained qualified health care provider approved by the medical council of their country before taking the course of treatment.
-  Medical advice given by Exon is intended to be accurate and to the best of our knowledge, however, any advice given should be discussed and thoroughly understood with the health provider's responsibility before proceeding with treatments.
- Exon does not represent any hospital, doctor, clinic, spa or its services. Exon is not affiliated with any airlines, hotel chain or treatment centers. 
- While the third-party service providers are carefully interviewed and reviewed for their service levels, Exon does not stand guarantee for their delay, failure, improper and negligent services. However, Exon is committed helping to its clients and is standing beside the clients until a logical approach for a problem can be created.
- The Client shall assert any claims for liability for defects related to the Services against the third parties providing these services. 
- When the Client decides to enter into a contract with Exon Health Tourism Paradise and the agreement has been signed, a determined deposit based on the tailor-made package of the quote must be paid within a period of 3 days for the contract to remain valid. 
The remaining cost should be paid at least 10 days prior to the Client’s arrival to the appointed account. - In the medical services, the Client should be aware of the fact that the value of the quote initially approved may, in exceptional cases, suffer alterations and be modified after the first evaluation and mandatory consultation with the doctor who will be performing the procedure. Any alteration will be fully explained and justified to the Client, who must agree and approve the additional costs before any procedure is performed. 
- The Client assumes responsibility to pay extra medical expenses related to any unforeseen and additional treatment intended for the safety and health during the medical procedure or in the postoperative period.
Treatment in the medical services
- The Client’s treatment is a contract between the Client and medical service providers undertaking the treatment. After confirming the order to the Client, Exon shall send to the Client a draft proposal of treatment and procedures based on the opinion of the medical service provider. The proposal includes some information about the required procedure, the date of the consultation, the procedure and the price. The Client is obliged to approve the proposal in writing (by email). 
- Exon shall help the Client plan his stay, transport and accommodation on the basis of the draft proposal so as to reduce the Client´s expenditures to minimum. Exon cannot, however, guarantee that the treatment proposal will be observed. The treatment may be influenced by unforeseeable biological factors as well as by the health condition of the Client. A change in the treatment proposal may be made particularly as a result of a change of the Client´s health condition. 
Obligations of the Client
- The Client is obliged to state all data concerning his person truthfully and in agreement with the facts. In the opposite case, Exon reserves the right to withdraw the contract. 
- The Client is obliged to make an advance payment for the ordered services to Exon in a due and timely manner. 
- The Client is responsible for having sufficient cash to pay for all health packages and/or services. 
- The Client shall follow recommendations aimed at maintaining and improving his health condition before and after the cure. 
Obligations of Exon Health Paradise Company
Exon is obliged to book the health services and/or packages selected by the Client. 
- Exon is obliged to arrange further services for the Client – transport and accommodation provided that the Client has ordered such services and Exon has confirmed such an order of services. 
- Exon is obliged to inform the Client in time about the date and place of the health procedure and related consultations. 
- Exon shall not bear any liability for: 
• Damage to the health of the Client that does not result from the treatment 
• Possible damage to the Client's health resulting from the performed procedure. 
Alteration and Cancellation Policy
-  The alteration or cancellation of any of the services must be requested by the Client in writing via email, and the Client will be responsible for any costs originated by such alterations or cancellations. The company’s fees for services rendered are not refundable. 
- The Client should be aware of the fact that each service provider (medical, spa, accommodation and others) has its own alteration and cancellation policy and, therefore, EXON has no control over the fees that might be charged by them. 
- In the unusual event of any delays on the part of the provider or, indeed, the provider being unable to fulfill its selected services, Exon will give all the assistance possible in order to try and solve the issue but will not be held responsible for the situation. The company acts solely as an intermediary service between the Client and providers and therefore, accepts no responsibility, nor will be expected to assume any costs arising from circumstances caused by force of nature or, indeed, any other circumstances beyond their control. 
- If Exon has to cancel or significantly change the Client’s booking, the administrator of Exon will contact the Client to discuss this and the Client can choose to rearrange the procedure or cancel it and get a full refund. However, Exon will not pay compensation in these circumstances and is not responsible for any losses or expenses the Client suffers as a result of circumstances beyond its control. 
- Exon cannot accept responsibility for clients missing aircraft due to the late arrival of connecting aircraft or for late check-in at the airport. Clients are responsible for the provision of all necessary valid documents, including passports and visas. 
- By signing the agreement, the Client agrees to accept responsibility for their choice of clinic, doctor, medical personnel, healthcare providers or medical procedures and the decision to undergo the chosen treatment.
-The Client is aware that Exon does its best for the facilitation of providing the highest quality of health services including any type of medical treatment and surgeries in the best and world-class hospitals of Iran. Exon facilitates patients with the most professional and experienced physicians and surgeons with the best medical team in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. 
- The Client is aware that medical procedures can involve risks and dissatisfaction with the final result, in either case, Exon will not be responsible for medical procedure disputes. 
- The Client is aware of the fact that Exon acts solely as an intermediary service between the Client and health providers.