Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer

Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer

It’s not only a dream…Together we can beat it!

Exon Oncology Department provides care and treatment planning by focusing on multidisciplinary care, ensuring the highest benefit to our patients. Our Hospitals and medical team are consisted of specialists from many different fields and medical professionals with expertise in cancer, as follows:
o Doctors and other professionals  
   • Oncologist
   • Hematologist-oncologist
   • Surgical oncologist
   • Gynecologic oncologist
   • Pediatric hematologist-oncologist
   • Radiation oncologist
   • Pathologist
   • Clinical nurses
   • Pharmacist specializing in cancer and chemotherapy
   • Medical physicist
   • Radiology technologist
   • Dietician
  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation Team 
o Medical Equipment
   • Radiology 
   • Diagnostics and nuclear medicine 
o Cancer Screening
   • Mammography
   • Pap smear
   • Colonoscopy
   • Endoscopy
   • Low-dose CT scan
  • PET Scan
o Other services
   • Testing for tumor markers and carrying out biopsies in a laboratory that meets international standards
   • Care of colostomy
   • Care of implanted venous access device (port-a-cath)
   • Nutrition consultation
   • Psychological support
   • Palliative care of terminally ill patients
   • Cancer support group
   • Provide information and organize seminars about cancer


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