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Urology is a specialty pertinent to disorders of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. A wide variety of clinical problems are related to urology; accordingly, in addition to surgical skills, knowledge of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology etc. is required as well.
Urology is known as a surgical specialty. Besides surgery, Urology faces with a wide range of specialties including internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and other fields of medicine. This is because a urologist encounters a wide range of clinical problems. They may include:
Renal Transplantion
Male Infertility
Urinary tract stones
Female Urology
Alongside with other improved countries, Iran has made significant advances in the treatment of various urological disorders Including innovating laser endourology in treatment of kidney stones for the first time in the middle east, treatment of infertility, kidney transplantation and restorative surgery, urolaparascopy.
Besides, Urology specialists in Iran, along with infertility specialists, are conducting research programs in a variety of fundamental and clinical fields.
Exon is committed to providing exceptional, personalized patient care benefitting from board certified specialists and professional surgeons in urology. Exon also benefits from expert specialists in diagnosis, treatment utilizing advanced technologies such as lasers and laparoscopy in urology and andrology. You will experience marvelous skills and experiences of Exon specialists in facilitating your treatment.
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