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Physical fitness is the body's general capacity to react appropriately to physical activities. Also, it refers to the ability for doing well sport exercises as well as occupational and everyday life activities.
Physical fitness is built on five main pillars:
1. Muscular strength
2. Muscular endurance
3. Endurance of the cardiovascular system
4. Flexibility
5. body composition
Why should we take care of our physical fitness?
Physical fitness is associated with strengthening the cardiovascular system and controlling blood pressure.
Physical fitness helps preventing many of serious diseases, including cancers by strengthening the immune system.
It helps controlling body weight by regulating metabolism and therefore, it prevents all weight-related problems such as back pain, joint pain, chronic fatigue and lack of self confidence in communication.   
Physical fitness helps improving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, as well as many hormonal and mood disorders by regulating secretion of endocrine glands.
Physical fitness turns your dream of having strong, balanced and fit muscles into reality.  
At Exon Fitness Unit, we design various packages based on your needs and use appropriate methods to make you achieve your physical fitness. Exon specialists intend to ascertain the joy of experiencing fitness for you by regulating your body's metabolism, nutritional status, and lifestyle. 
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