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Stress relief
Stress is the reaction of the body to any change that needs to be answered or adjusted. The body reacts to these changes with physical, psychological and emotional responses. 
What determines the positivity or negativity of stress is the amount of stress and response to it. For example, stresses that keep us alert to our responsibility and act as motivations or help us to avoid risks are positive. In the contrary, if they are severe, or continuous, or if our responses are not appropriate, they are negative.
If you experience problems such as chronic fatigue, headache, gastrointestinal inconveniences, increase in blood pressure (hypertension), chest pain, sexual performance disorder, sleep disorders, depression or anxiety disorders, if you  are extremely busy at work and have stressful responsibilities, you have probably suffered from  stress and therefore, stress management is one of the solutions that can help you change the situation.
Some easy ways to manage stress:
Use a healthy and proper diet
Rest well enough, especially at nights.
Learn and practice relaxation techniques.
Create and maintain social support.
Say about your feelings and ideas instead of being aggressive, defensive, or passive.
Accept the things that you can't change.
Consult specialists.
In Exon Stress Relief Unit, we are with you to equip you with different packages for managing your stress. We are here to minimize your undesirable symptoms of stress by getting help from specialists in different fields and provide you a new way of living to keep your body and mind calm. 
At Exon, we help you retrieve your mental energy by training techniques of mind-body communication, massage, and various physical activities as well as offering pleasant recreations.
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