Healthy Menopause

Healthy Menopause

Menopause is an ideal time to begin or reinforce healthy changes in your life.

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Menopause is a natural biological process in women and is called the condition in which a woman spends 12 months without menstruation. The average age for menopause varies from 40 to 50 based on genetic and environmental factors.    
It is a natural process but it may be accompanied by adverse symptoms that vary from person to person. In the months or years before menopause (perimenopause), you may experience these symptoms and signs:
Irregular periods
Vaginal dryness
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Sleep disorder
Mood changes
Weight gain
Decreased metabolism
Hair loss and hair quality changes
Ptosis (breast sag)
Skin dryness and skin sag
In Exon Healthy Menopause Unit, we accompany you for encountering this special period of life by various designed packages. We intend to minimize unpleasant signs of menopause and provide for you the feeling of liveliness and beauty.

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