Wellness Services

Wellness Services

A full comprehensive line of wellness services is here provided to our clients to ascertain cheerful healthy life for them.
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The best wellness services in Iran

"Wellness", based on the comprehensive health concept, is something more than the lack of disease. It refers to be conducted to a path of change in which you can possess maximum physical and mental health. Wellness, from our point of view in Exon, means living with all the potential of each person to achieve his or her best.

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In addition to several troublesome physical effects that sometimes are very annoying and irrecoverable, diseases can cause some other problems like stress, threats of losing occupational status, changes in family life and heavy costs. In addition, for some changes such as age-related changes, intervention is needed to make those processes slowed down so that youth power and beauty can be retrieved. In this regard, wellness specialists are available for prevention and health promotion. 
An attractiveness of wellness centers is that modern Western knowledge is combined with the ancient oriental healing techniques such as Thai massage, Ayurveda (the historical Indian medicine), and Chinese acupuncture. Iranian traditional medicine (ITM) is one of these effective but less commonly known sciences.
This medicine is based on UNANI medicine that has been expanded by Avecinna and Rasis, and is nowadays taught academically. Traditional medicine in Iran categorizes humans based on 4 different temperaments and believes that each person has a particular temperament. Each temperament necessitates a unique lifestyle by which each person can be conducted towards his/her appropriate health path.
This medicine is based on the use of the therapeutic and healthy effects of herbal medicines, which are well-known like the Iranian saffron of Iran. Iranian Traditional medicine has used techniques such as cupping therapy that has been used today for relaxation, reduction of pain and inflammation, and occasionally for deep-tissue massage in many countries around the world.
Today, in Iran, effective measures have been taken towards establishing and developing the most resourceful wellness centers based on global standards by applying a new approach to wellness and training (academically) specialists of the Iranian traditional medicine, sports medicine, nutrition, and beauty as well as the  psychologists who are knowledgeable in Eastern sciences such as mindfulness.
In these centers, which are known in the modern sciences as the Medical Spa, you can receive not only the Iranian traditional medicine services, but also other modern services such as performing laboratory tests, assessing the level of general health, assessing the level of cardiovascular and respiratory health, analyzing body composition, assessing the condition of the spine and hydrotherapy, by using the most advanced technologies in the world in order to maintain and improve your well-being.
Our specialists at Exon wellness unit have been working to provide you with the highest standards of wellness services. In this unit, "the tailored to the needs of the clients'" wellness packages are designed and provided by our contracted health centers and the specialists in the various fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, and physical education.
Our specialists monitor the quality of these services on a full-time basis during your use of any wellness package to provide you with the best moments and most desirable outcomes.
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